Penance Descriptions e.g. Flawless Execution

Some Penances are really bad descripted.
Ofcourse, in the meantime there are the needed Informations in answers of Fatshark employees here in Forum, but thats not a good gamedesign if you need to read forums to get an idea of what you have to do, and how do you have to do.

For Example: Flawless Execution:

Complete X/X missions in a row without beeing downed on malice difficulty or higher

What you need to know:

  • You have to be in the mission from the lobby on, if you join 1s after the mission already started, the mission does not count
  • You have to do it on the same character (every Character has its own counter)
  • There is no visible counter of your current status for your character/s
  • If you crash and rejoin, the mission does not count (but thats no problem cause of that super stable game /irony off)
  • If you get a disconnect and rejoin, the mission does not count (but thats also no problem cause of the super stable servers /irony off)
  • If you join a game which already started or you rejoin after crash or disconnect the mission will not count for your penance as success BUT if you get downed it counts as down and resets your penance counter (very fair yes)

Wow, thats so much needed informations so i can understand that it is not possible to put all this info into the penance description.
But maybe it would be a good idea, to make penances which doesnt need that much informations to complete. Im sorry for the harsh conclusion: But thats where the game design department failed.

Additional, some Penances was reworked in previous patches to make them easier, which was doable but hard. But Penances which has issues like this example are still untouched.

I really hope you take the feedback of your players seriously.
Most important task for your developers are to get rid of the many crashes and disconnects, but im afraight that this problems will remain but we will get nice cosmetics instead …


Yeah, I’m currently going for this not realising it’ll lock me to a character, not realising I have to be in the mission from the lobby, all sorts of conditions that just aren’t communicated. I must have run about 20 missions levelling my ogryn and not being downed and not getting it, because, surprise, when you solo queue 75% of games you get dropped into a mission in progress. It’s very frustrating.

This penance either needs the description be updated to include all those quirks, or the back end needs to be fixed so that you can progress it on any character, and with disconnect/crash protection and have like a first 10-25% map checkpoint it can check for for people joining in progress but still early.

You don’t want people to cheese this penance, and that’s fine, this one is quite doable despite some of the other abominations of penances out there, except for all of the weird exceptions that invalidate runs that is not communicated at all.

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I went for the not taking any health damage penance recently. Experienced a lot of the same hindrances like not being able to get it after crashing and re-joining. Or having to start from the lobby. Pretty tedious especially since the game makes you join games that are already in progress most the time. And crashes half the time I play. Thanks for sharing, i’m going for this one next