Flawless Execution Penance - You kidding me?!

this is so bs, it takes like 7 hours to do the 3rd stage of this (and i hope its the last stage) but one damn disconnect or crash or whatever will ruin it all, and lets not pretend this game isnt diconnecting players a lot for no reason. theres always something that could happen or your group decides to play like noobs and wipe and ruin it for you, alright, but that some disconnect or crash can ruin it is a no go.

this penance MUST keep tracking your progress even when you close the game on purpose and it MUST NOT count the bot dying while you reconnect or stuff like that. i got plenty of time for gaming but somebody working most likely will never sit there for 7 hours straight to complete this, and a geforce now paid user is disconnected after 6 hours and cant do it either. and while youre on it get some buffer for error and have it like dont get downed more than once instead or get rid of such bs penance completely.

and yes, of course i failed this penance after 7h in the 15th mission 50 meters from the shuttle by spontaneous disconnect while my internet connection was stable and discord and stream kept working fine, reconnected and from full health before disconnect i logged back in with one wound corruption and like 50 health left… bs!

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you can succeed in this penance by doing alt+f4 each time you miss it and do not reconnect to party, just created in a new one, this will not set the counter to zero.