Penance / Achievement Cheesing - Ruining Damnation Difficulty

People getting achievements/penances are ruining damnation difficulty by sitting at the start or another portion of the level, then cheesing the achievement. I have been trying to do a run on damnation for days now (100 hours in the game) and can not do so, because every game I join is a group or someone trying to unlock a cosmetic item behind a penance and they don’t want to play the actual game. Please fix this, I really want to play the game not chase hats.


I would love to have someone to run Damnation with so I can actually talk about what it’s like and not have people cheesing, like you said. I mean, have people gotten desperate enough to form groups on this forum or similar?

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Sorry dude, Fatshark said I have to complete the mission with 100% accuracy. I can’t risk my run by shooting that sniper and special. Don’t worry though. If I miss one of the 70 shots I have I will leave the game and you will get a bot so I hope that’s okay.


This is hardly the fault of the players, it’s the fault of garbage challenges that promote toxic and anti-cooperative behavior.

No not really. There’s nothing wrong with having difficult achievements. The fundamental issue is the lack of private games right now, which is something that they will fix sooner rather than later (I hope).

This is the one reason why I’m okay with cheesing it as the legit way is to troll your team.

There is no problem with difficult achievements, there is a problem when difficult achievements are difficult because they require you to grief your team.

That’s… what I’m saying. If people could make private lobbies and go into games alone or with bots, there would be an option to do these achievements that didn’t require griefing or 3 friends.