Peer_Failed_Verification error on starting screen

Issue Summary:
After the latest patch I’ve started to get new error at the game’s first loading screen.

Never had this one before. I’m from Russia and had “SSL connection error” and other similar errors , but I managed to work around them by using VPN or adding 5107 IP address to the host file in Windows/System32/drivers/etc folder.

Now, with this Peer_Failed_Verification error literally nothing helps. I’ve tried to use VPN from different countries. I’ve deleted Visual Studio, as someone in the previous topic suggested. Don’t know what else to do.console-2019-06-21-19.04.09-9caa62de-f547-458f-8a01-4ac98fd7c598.log (34.5 KB)

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Constant (100%)console-2019-06-21-19.04.09-9caa62de-f547-458f-8a01-4ac98fd7c598.log (34.5 KB)

This error does seem to be isolated to our Russian players unfortunately, but I’m surprised you’ve had no success using a VPN based in another country.

I’ll have to query this with our Network Engineer, but unfortunately due to the weekend there’ll be a delay until next week.

Please let us know if anything changes before then.

Hello Julia, thank you for your responce.
I’ve tried using bunch of different VPN (Windscribe, OpenVPN, TunnelBear, you name it), flushing my DNS, using Google public DNS addresses, so far nothing had helped.
I’ve noticed one thing though, command promt “nslookup” keeps giving me the same 3 IP addresses (\\ and I thought it used to change them every now and then, but it’s been the same 3 addresses for over a week now.

Any word from your Network Engineer?

My apologies @starkwaizer, the person I need to speak to is on vacation until Monday. I hope to have an update for you next week.

Apologies for the extended delay, we’re still looking in to this.

Why exactly I’m having that problem? Any idea why VPN doesn’t help?

Please see your PMs.

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