[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Sonnstill Celebration Event now live! - Patch 1.1.1

Join in the celebration!

Sonnstill, or Sun Still is the common name for the Summer Solstice, so named because the sun seems to sit still on the horizon on this, the longest day of the year. It is an important date for farmers, sailors, wizards, and pilgrims; in short, for anyone dependent on the cycles of the sun and those keeping track of the remaining days of the year.

Fertility rites are extremely common on this day, with young couples adorning themselves with flowers in their hair and dancing and drinking to songs dedicated to Taal and Rhya. The mysterious Elves are sometimes seen giving thanks and honour to their own Gods on this day. Children born on Sonnstill are considered blessed and are thought to become bright, energetic adults destined for great things.

From today, until Thursday the 12th - enjoy the fresh, new, summer ambiance of Taal’s Horn Keep. For a week, you can forget about the Ruinous Powers closing in, while you complete three new Event Quests. One of which gives you a neat summer Portrait Frame.

Check out the Sonnstill blog post on our webpage:

Also make sure to check in during the Double XP Weekend. From 9am PST on Friday the 6th to 9am PST on Monday the 9th - all experience gains are doubled.

Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • We’ve made changes to the game sounds which should make it easier to pick out the sounds of Specials - so now that Packmaster won’t be quite as sneaky, as he hides in a horde of lesser Skaven.
  • Fixed an issue where Bardin’s ears would clip through his hats Kladkap and Gorusklad.
  • Fixed an issue with the Charm Trait “Concoction”, where clients would not get all potion effects while using this trait.

I think one Merc Krub’s hat also has this ear clipping issue, or has it been fixed already?


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ah cool thanks!

Big + for placing the hero-selection close to the spawnpoint, but couldn’t you place a little Taal figurine where it was before? Would really fit the whole Taal’s Horn Keep theme. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit: There are some weird wooden beams in front of the reinforced door behind the training dummy area, under the tower, which haven’t been there before. Intentional or not?
2nd Edit: Finally you added a new, (yet unreachable) area in the Keep, was about time!

Whats with the new room above the bubble? New character confirmed @Fatshark_Hedge ?

There are 5 - i’ll just call them cooking pots, don’t know what they are - 4 on the ‘floor’ and 1 elevated, so i guess for our Ubersreik 5 (or 4, it… etc etc etc). So no new hero, i would guess. And the carpet might tell you smth, its in black and gold, with cross and sun symbols (Myrmidia? Southern Realms?). It might just be a new mechanic.

I dunno if they’re cooking pots, they’re part of the pillars holding up the roof. Look at the steel beam inside them and it connects up to the pillar above them. There is one that looks different and doesn’t seem to have the beam inside it though.

Maybe it is a kitchen/cooking room? Just thought it was weird that there was a wanted poster next to the door and another note. I can’t make out the sigil on the wanted poster tho.

Yea, I see the carpet, dark blue with gold symbols around the sides. And there’s red banners in the back as well.

In case you weren’t aware, Blightstormers and their storms are now completely silent. Could do with a hotfix. Well done on the other specials’ sounds, though.

Except for Blightstormers. They are silent now. Also their storms are. Enjoy your surprise storms, guys!

We’re on it.

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So the big reward for doing 10 missions on legend is an emperor’s vault, wow, is that it… I regularly get 3 blues out of these. That’s some pretty pathetic incentive right there.

When are we going to start getting guaranteed red rewards like the much better implemented mission board of vermintide 1?


I liked the flower garnished hats in V1. Shame we’re not getting them in V2.


Let the keep like it is please… it´s so much better than the old dreary one :smiley:

The keep looks great!

Troll and ambushes have no music most of the time for me since latest hotfix. Blightstormers are fine now.

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