[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.7 and

Sure, mate.

You could play every class as ranged excepting slayer, but if they would be effective in that role stands on the other paper

You could also jump from a 30 story building, but is that a good idea though?

Artificially limiting team composition? Terrible idea, that would elongate the wait times for the subjected classes and make team compositions even more predictable.

Thats what i meant xD

It’s either this, or ranged combat nerf. And I don’t think it will increase waiting time. I’ve never played in a 4-man ranged party, and I have only played in a 3-ranged party only several times. Usually it’s exactly 2 melee 2 ranges somehow.

But yet again, this doesn’t matter, because there is big dilemma, which I explained here, and that’s the only solution to it.

So you were supporting me. Oh, ok. Thanks, i guess. :smile:

I’d rather prefer they keep tweaking dmg/talents/ammo count in small steps until they feel to be in a good spot. Honestly after 1.05 the ranged is no longer such a bug issue.

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Ok, I do not intend to persuade you, but mind my word: a dilemma is called so for a reason.

I’d rather they nerfed a very small and very vocal minority of V1 hardcore melee elitists fanboys (who don’t even hide their hatred for ranged combat, see my quote above) who want to ruin the original Fatshark’s vision of V2 and turn this game into a melee circle jerk paradise with 300 players online overall like the first game was.

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You sound very bitter and resentful. Can you please show-view us on this skaven-doll where did the melee touch touch you?


I dont get the point of this argument tbh ^^" - i mostly play Ranged characters (Huntsman etc.) i never had a problem with him, or my group - am i missing the whole point here ? °-°
To be fair, i mostly play with my friends and we wanted that the Huntsman only stands behind and picks of the annoying enemys - Chaos champ, hooks rats, Fatboi sorcerer etc. while the rest kills the hordes :smiley:

Not really a complaint, but I would like to contest that game is getting nerfed.

Before 1.0.7 I used to be able to take my bots and complete Champion difficulty. After 1.0.7 I can barely finish 1 in 10 on Champion… veteran is WAY too easy, and Champion is WAY too hard for me (YES I mean for me).

Please understand before you start peppering me with “Wow you’re bad” and “Man, get better”, I will admit that I am no “J_Sat” that pulls solo runs on legendary with a cheese grater just for the hell of it, and I do not claim this is the same for everyone, but compared to how game has been for me before, to what it is now. That they should have made the game easier or nerfed the game, I just cannot get that feel. Game just keeps getting harder and harder.

Please consider as well, that I’ve been quite used to finishing champion runs with bot backup only no problem, and now I get 1-2 monsters per run, instead of 0-1 before, and they are harder to tackle, or its the combination of horde/specials/elites/monsters.


All this is meant for Champion difficulty.

But nothing really changed that should have made this the case. Did you experience a fundamental change in Champion/Legend from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7? Most importantly, has your spawn rate in champion gone up dramatically after the patch? Some of us have experienced double or triple the number of spawns in every category following patches. Could just be another case of the loldirector being on the fritz.

The slayer is himself a ranged weapon :smile:


I feel like patrols are a bit out of control. Their pathing has changed, right? Not only spawn distance. It will be a little learning expirience for some time. But it feels wrong in some cases. I’ve been hit by patrol on Empire in Flames cart-blow-stuff-up event at the end of the level. I’m pretty shure that should not have happened. Is that intentional?

just a quick question but do the crossbow changes also apply to kirillians crossbow?

Only Bardin and Saltz’ Crossbows, not Kerillians Repeating Crossbow


Happened to me there too! I thought it was awesome though, we were already freaking out and running for our lives so it made for a very intense escape. We just ran away to the bridge of shadows XD

This is Racism :smile:

I asume you don’t mean saltz’s valley crossbow, only the ordinary one.

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