[PC] Patch is now live

I don’t think they should let the challenge prevent them from making balance changes though. Worst case they can change the challenge.

I did the challenge without Radiant Inheritance, so there is no issue on that front. I think I even did it on a Rat Ogre.

Nah that was never needed, you just had to cheese the challenge.

Select incandescence and bloodrazor, go to a low difficulty, get bots killed, find a conc pot, find a boss, slowly bleed the poor thing dry aaaand done.


In hindsight i dont think there was any reasonably legit way to accomplish the challenge with a team around in a high difficulty since bosses have too much health and that bleed doesnt hit quite that hard.

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I did that with https://www.ranaldsgift.com/18/223322/25,1,2,1/29,1,2,1/1,2,1/1,2,1/1,2,1 (not the right weapon/jewelry stats)

Was on a troll, the team was stuck dealing with horde and I was stacked with crits so I just kept hitting the troll with Deepwood staff’s left click and ults during RI + Hunter.

I guess that depends on definition but infinite Morai Heg stacks are cheese to me ^^

:wink: I plead the 5th

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As do all heretics.

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If it’s true that’s bad. It doesn’t make much of a difference in most cases, but it means that disabling far off specials (like ratlinguns) in tough situations is useless, for example. Not really I change I like.

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Apparently it is working for some. Source: PSA: Undocumented change in last patch: Shall Not Pass challenge (and consecutively finishing all SotT challenges) fixed : Vermintide (reddit.com)

Well, the comment has been deleted it seems. So maybe just some shock-reaction. As I have seen no mentions anywhere else, I suppose it didnt happen.

Maybe they tried it on a CW? Those fly a little less long anyways I think. Has been so since the release, I believe.

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yeah, must be it, i’ve just test it and it’s like usual.

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We got 5 new illusions for the Forgotten Relic pack. Is that it or is there more coming?
I expected some reds. Glad to have them regardless, they are very good looking.

They are definitely still bouncing off the walls. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I’ve been able to get the challenge done by casting a wall through an assassin who pounced an ally, on recruit, using a strenght potion. Maybe that player just got lucky and hit a wounded assassin exactly at the right time?
It’s definitely not working as intended right now though.

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With the talent that replaces the wall for a damage dealing shrubbery (Bloodrazor Thicket) you can kill the assassin for this challenge. Doesn’t need to be a literal wall; just the ult is enough.


  • Enemies that are pushed outside of maps and cannot return via normal means are now killed.
  • Fixed crash related to switching hat and starting a level.
  • ‘Shall Not Pass’ Okri’s Challenge now also works for clients.
  • Additional Forgotten Relic illusions have now been granted to all owners of the weapon pack.

Glad to see the Forgotten Relic weapons get their weave skins…

But what about the BTU weapons and the WoM weapons? They’ve had unique skins in weaves for the longest time and we still have yet to be able to use them in regular games.


tbh I have been hoping for a way to earn those. A way to work toward getting them in CW expeditions would be the perfect to award those skins over time.

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Rumour says javelin’s headshot and/or crit dmg is nerfed without listed in patch note, is that so or just rumour?

10mb patch on PC, was there an actual game patch?

edit: nm, steam would say “workshop” if it was mod related.

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