[PC] Patch - Year of the Rat

edit 2: We just hotfixed a few more crashes.
edit: We just hotfixed a few crashes and an issue with Weave leaderboard states.


At first, it was simply a couple of rats that got into the keep with the crates for Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders, nothing to worry about. However, a couple of days ago Olesya grew tired of their little clattering feet and decided to root them out with one of her spells… it turned out to be an entire rat infestation! The rats are everywhere, and although Sienna does not seem to mind the extra company Saltzpyre is greatly dismayed that they are trying to get to his test specimen downstairs…

With Year of the Rat upon us, we for some rat-tastic reason felt the urge to honor our furry friends. For what would Vermintide 2 be without rats?

Between February 5 and February 13 something ratty appears to be in the works as an entire league of rats have taken a liking to Taal’s Horn Keep, and to celebrate the arrival of these critters Cousin Okri has from the 6th of February a new quest for you, and of course you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Patch Notes

  • 3 Event quests starting on February 6th.
    • Rewards 2 paintings and new Portrait Frame.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep is overrun by rats! Victor will not be happy.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes caused by mod interactions with tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash in the benchmark tool.
  • Fixed a crash for joining players which was triggered when user in the joining session had some throwing axes on the ground and then switched ranged weapon to something else!
  • Fixed a bunch of painting related crashes.
  • Fixed the weave 95 crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the painting reward for completing Old Haunts did not show up in the list of available paintings.

Considering that the event quests started on 6th, shouldn’t the event be prolonged by at least a day?

The schedule on this is tight, but we could potentially extend the quests a day or so. :slight_smile:


Looks great any plans to bring it on console?

I won’t lie. I can’t wait for next year “Ox” infestation.


The tightness of the schedule is a result of some kind of follow up like …… more Drachenfels, more cosmetics, the third coming of Sigmar?

New frame is so freaking awesome. Wish it had some red glow on its eyes though !

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It would be greatly appreciated. If Saturday is included, it’d be fantastic, but even a day would help a lot.

so you guys had twins for the weekly soon as the patch went live and turned it back to comrades and darkness and some other bull. can you change it back to twins and whatever it was because thats all ppl like to play. there’s seriously like 1.5 ppl that enjoy whatever it is now. plz consider puttin back twins for the event

We will, it was causing some instability so bear with us.


hedge <3

The benchmark keeps crashing during startup or is it just me?

So the rats in the keep actually count towards the critter weekly quest, that’s pretty neat!

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Any news about season 2 for consoles ?

Did you finish season 1 yet ? You just got WoM didn’t you oO

they re some bug fixes in the season 2 patch that’s what i am interested in. And played the same weaves with increased difficulty with crashes and instaility is not so funny. the season 2 seems to got more scale difficulty that should be better.

It is indeed better. But season 1 will have to stay for several months so people can actually have time to complete the 120 weaves.
So I guess, bug fixes will be done, but the new season itself (and probably drachenfels until the 3 maps are out) you’ll have to wait for.

Apparemment ce sont les mêmes portraits que tu gagnes pour les weaves en saison 2. Je préfère faire des weaves plus équilibrés pour les obtenir et sans avoir recours au sorcier de bataille complètement cheaté.

Je comprends bien, mais ca n’empeche pas que les gens qui font la saison 1 vont devoir avoir le temps de rentrer ds le leaderboard par exemple. En général, comme les consoles connaissent moins de patch, je pense qu’ils attendent la sortie de Drachenfels “complet” pour tout faire d’un coup.

Plus personnes ne joue weaves sur xbox la majorité a poncé la saison un peu au début et a été dégouté par les crashs ce que je comprends. Il y a que peu de team qui sont allées au plus proche des 100 et il ne progressent plus dans le classement. Pour moi la saison 1 des weaves était un galop d’essai qui à trop divisé les joueurs. Et personne ne se soucie réellement des classements.