PC Crash in Chaos Wastes post Patch

After entering a Strife/Fortune (presumably Harmony aswell) Shrine in the Chaos Wastes, I stay ingame for ~10-20 sec before I have a black screen after which the PC crashes and restarts.

I played in a game, hosted by a friend, with two bots. Crashes occured as Ranger Vet. and Slayer respectivly. I was able to rejoin without issue, but the PC crashed again in the same timeframe. I was able to select Perks in the Shrine and interact with the game as usual, before the inevitable crash.

Unfortunatly no crash reports were generated. As such I have attached some console logs.

Thank you in advance

console-2021-06-03-20.22.41-b2451f78-cd3a-4a23-b9e0-51733c659fa7.log (174.5 KB)
console-2021-06-03-20.16.46-432f4762-e87b-4711-876a-160894cfc2d2.log (163.4 KB)
console-2021-06-03-20.29.12-ebd7fa00-fb7a-491d-b479-8f691286f2fc.log (1.1 MB)

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Thank you for letting us know, we’ll look in to this.

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