[PC] Big Balance Beta - Available Now!

Shades crossbow does fair damage imo, but the low max ammo capacity and low accuracy at distance make it undesirable.

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Really glad to see the BBB, love the balance changes and the fact that you actually allowed experienced community members to balance the game.

Though, I won’t lie: kinda wanted to see rebalancing of all the specs in the game (outside of GK). It’s always nice to relearn specs with new possible builds. Seeing there’s no rebalancing in terms of talents for your mains is a bit saddening.

I’ll take time and PM you my more detailed thoughts and feedback on the Beta. You can already see the sarcastic replies from the people you have endorsed and their supporters.

In general, I disagree with the massive power creep that seems to be the direction of this mod in the official realm. I’ve just played as Unchained with a Mace using the Massive Stagger Talent and THP on Stagger - and it is left click to victory, and by giving the talent to transfer overcharge to health means the one mechanic that set UC apart is now massively reduced if not removed. Managing your Overcharge to be in the red zone while knowing a single misjudged hit could spell doom was the key mechanic that made UC powerful and challenging and fun(for me at least). The changes feel to wide and overpowering. I had no concern whatsoever about YOLO’ing into a patrol with bots, sucking up hits and simply waiting for my Overcharge to get close, trade my hleath knowing a bot would simply hand over the HP pot and I could carry on without even having to concentrate too much.

The first two swings of the mace are too fast and stop most of your problems in their tracks - even in a mixed horde - and I can see block -cancel being a sweet ticket to victory with the Mace. I ran towards a flamer and with a bit of dodging clomped him with a mace safe in the knowledge even if I did get singed I could trade HP for Overcharge - this removes probably the biggest threat to UC (gunners and flamers) as long as you nick all the health. So there is no Overcharge management now really, only robbing the meds. I’m never picking up a tome again as Unchained if things stay like this.

I’m also completely baffled as to how we can go through the hell of Beta testing 2.0 and introducing the stagger mechanic, only to appear to have put such a power boost in place to make a lot of the stuff introduced in 2.0 obsolete.

A lot of people might agree that almost all weapons were viable in Legend Live, and that there needed some refinement.

Problem for me is, some weapons adjustments needed a scalpel to make tiny changes, whereas this has used a battle axe.


Whew, I see you guys really despise any ranged weapon that isn’t the crossbow on BH.

How on earth are any ranged weapons remotely comparable now, with the insane synergy and the reworked inspired shot.

Lastly, if you are going to rework inspired shot, you have to prevent the rapier alt fire from consuming blessed shot.


Didn’t we all say to not nerf the good stuff? You’re doing it wrong again.


Share and Share Alike - (Reworked)
Killing a special has a 50% chance to drop an Ale that increases attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 4% for 300 seconds.



Who is ‘we’? I’m personally happy to see stuff like executioner get a small nerf to make it feel like a big hulking brick of a metal strip, it still has it’s killing power. Same with dual daggers and sword & dagger, the crit chance was too much. And billhook having 99 dodge count for some reason was a bit ridiculous don’t you think?
Besides, a lot of the other weapons got massive (maybe even too massive) buffs that make them as meta as other weapons, like Volley Crossbow and Halberd.


You disagree with everyone anyway.

Even though Greatsword got buffed, IMO it has become less viable on Footknight due to the loss of Taal´s Champion.

Without it, push attack Breakpoints against armored enemies are gone, whilst the buff to heavy attack movement makes heavy attack way better than they already were, resulting in heavy attacks being the only viable.

As for the buffs to light attacks, instead of there being a +10 attack speed bonus for both of them, there should simply be no charge up before the first light attack, resulting in a more fluid attack pattern.

An almost criminally overlooked part of the GS’s attacks was the pause in between the push and the push attack. After one pushes, there´s a massive delay in between it and the next attack, be that the push attack or a simple light attack (owed to the charge up of the first light attack)


These nerf aren’t needed. Since you buffed (luckly!) both 2H Sword and 2H Hammer, all these weapons (Spear, Exe, 2H Sword, 2h Hammer) would have had pro and cons.

p.s Exe extremely good in almost all situation!? Did you try it under pressure?

Push attack should have TANK property. The intention behid this buff is really good but, without tank modifier, the effective change is barely visible.

At this point, I prefer make the zoom toggable, like Kerillian. 2 seconds of delay penalize too much that situation where you have to kill a distant target (like a Stormer who is casting the storm).

p.s a little more penetration would be appreciated… since it has the same penetration as Crowssbow (that hasn’t any delay).

It should be similar to Gromril armour. You can take the damage that a friend received ONLY every 13 seconds… but, that hit, doesn’t damage FK.

Trample was VERY GOOD. Could we have this effect as default?

tHP on ult is really good… the rest, just “meh”. RV needs more… for example 30% ammo per bag should be as default. He could have more reload speed (to compensate the low damage than BH and WS). His ult should be instantaneous (you should NOT take damage while casting it)

Same thing as RV… she needs something more.

  • P.S no changes for HUNTSMAN?

    • 30% damage reduction after a boss is too much RNG;
    • He has too many headshots based talents (low variety and low sinergies with Blunderbuss and Rep Gun);
    • The ult remains too clunky (long cooldown, speed and dodge malus);
    • He has some bad talents… Thrill of the Hunt should have a better synergy with Blunderbuss. Master Huntsman, as said, is too much RNG. Maim could be “on” under 70%, not 50%. Burst of Enthusiasm and Longshanks are just meh/overshadowed… I would like something like stamina regen.
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Another thing. Buffing the most useless aspect of the repeater pistol (one shot cw ammo waste memes), and removing the only thing that made the weapon remotely viable (inspired shot crits to penetrate armor), is hilarious.

Tell me, the weapon was already useless trash on every career outside of bh. Now it’s even bad on him.


I think you maybe should implement extra special traits for some weapons like it was in V1 so it will help to balance stuff without breaking another. Overall first impression - this buffs will decrease Cata challenge. But still, it’s cool we got something new to explore.


Also to clarify just because my earlier response was pretty immature lol

I’m not bothered if people have criticisms of our mod and the changes but this is a beta and it’s the time to give feedback so fatshark can provide the best final product possible. As Brytarn stated earlier these changes are all things he’s approved.

I highly recommend everyone dive in and playtest as much as possible and provide as much feedback as possible so we can get everything into the best spot it can for an official balance update. My only ask is people do try to be civil about it; it would be a shame for good/valid feedback and critique to get lost in a sea of salt :sunny:


Thank you @Argonaut14 , very interested in hearing more thoughts on the beta as a whole!

Regarding the concerns of power creep, it is something we’re always being mindful about when it comes to more involved and sweeping changes to the game, such as this balance beta. The goal is never to trivialize content, but rather to explore making different options feel just as viable when it comes to playing the game compared to what everyone is used to. Given your example with the new Unchained talent, that should not be the end all be all for how you want to play Unchained. If you love the “life on the knife edge” playstyle that is core to Unchaineds identity you shouldn’t have to feel forced into picking a talent that negates this. If this talent does so in it’s current state, chances are it’s because it’s overtuned and needs to be adressed like such. It’s there to try and yield some more safety to the career for people that might feel they love the idea of Unchained, but are daunted by the skillfloor for playing the career.

We try and get everything into as much of a balanced state as we can internally, but it’s a difficult task to solve perfectly before we can show you all whats going on. In this case in particular it was a situation where we had some concepts we thought were pretty cool and wanted them out to you all as soon as possible so we could hear your thoughts on them and change them where needs be.

The plan is to have this beta up for an extended period of time (no confirmation yet but we’re looking to try and have it running until the end of July) to really try to find and adress as much of the feedback as possible to make the game feel as good as can be. Everything here is subject to change and it would be helpful if it was treated as such. The lofty goal is to try and have daily patches that adress feedback and fix bugs, and barring technical difficulties I believe that’s fully achievable. We want to try and be very reactive to feedback when it comes to this balance beta and see how that approach works out.


I disagree with the nerf to Elf’s Dual dagger and Dagger/Sword combo

People chose weapons based on play style and what it means to pick a certain career

you pick shade you pick Dual dagger to do max dmg to bosses is the general consensus

Nerfing weapons because the others don’t get picked is not the right thing to do.

It would be silly for a Shade to use a bulky 2h weapon for example when their job is to do boss damage, but you nerf their primary boss damage dealer??

Maybe looking at why other weapons are not chosen or why people chose certain weapons.

Dual daggers is by no means a left click ftw, it has a shorter reach and less stamina, you are more likely to die if you face hordes/berserkers head on and hence you need to adjust your play style for the weapon.

Something I hope the Devs will take into account, than a find which weapon is used the most and nerf it approach.


Well, the only problem for exe sword are shielded stormvermins mixed with monks. Otherwise it’s a no brainer weapon.


In due time.

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Great, love the idea of bringing all weapons up to snuff.

Then I don’t understand why you care about the nerf to the crit chance of these weapons light attacks. You don’t use light attacks to kill bosses, you pop an ult and heavy attack them, and the heavy attacks are untouched. Shade’s dual dagger monster damage potential is basically untouched with these changes, yet the dual daggers’ and sword & dagger’s ability to deal with hordes (which they do by spamming light attacks) is diminished thanks to these changes.


Cool (if) you are not rushing with beta this time guys!