[PC] Big Balance Beta - Available Now!

Is anyone else getting a popup from the forum saying that it logs you out? Only seems to happen in this thread.


Yes every 2 minutes or so and it is quite annoying

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It’s due to extreme load lol

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So now we’ve got unpaid amateurs influencing the product I’ve paid for? Why not trawl deviant art for some pictures while we’re at it? The modders opinions and statements are now endorsed as they basically put this beta together and form part of the patch notes, so can their replies here be considered official or not? Because we’re going to have amateurs explaining the patch notes for the game now. If nothing else it’s a PR nightmare.

I’ve been very dubious about mods since it was first announced, and here’s why. Now we’ve got the EFFING GAME DESIGNERS as a footnote to modders. Reading through it’s buffed the living sh!t out of so much it’s going to be like 1.6 all over again in Legend- especially as that mod was aimed at CATA balance.

I’m pretty sure I’m a lone voice who tried the mod and completely disagreed with the choice of direction and never played again - which is fine while it’s a mod and others could play it as they wished. Now I’ve got no choice and I’m really pi$$ed about it as I’ve got no choice but to play the mod now.


I like most changes, time to test it out for myself image



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New Unchained talent Health-To-Cooldown works initially in keep but stops working after you enter a game. Any chance for a fix?


Just wanna say, I’m super impressed with these talent changes. I think some numbers will have to be tweaked, but I appreciate the work you guys put into coming up with some completely new and interesting concepts that go beyond making classes more effective and actually change the way the feel to play. Stuff like this will keep the game feeling fresh! Great work.


If you find bugs, be sure to post them in the #bbb:BBB-Bugs channel for best visibility!


Many thanks to the players, mods and Devs for the rejuvenation. Let the meticulous, overly critical analysis begin!


This is a beta, meaning subject to feedback and change. You do understand that, don’t you?


Hey there.

I’m the game designer in question when it comes to vetoing and implementing these changes into the game. None of the tweaks implemented with the balancing goes beyond the possibility of any of the decisions that I would have made myself. If they did, they would not have been included in the game and it’s the reason that the mod could be utilized as the starting position of having this balance beta.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what it is you disagree with regarding these changes. The sole reason behind having this as a beta is to gather feedback and test changes before we put them into the live game. If you feel uncomfortable with sharing this publicly, feel free to PM me directly.

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You realize this is a beta right? Maybe if you’re that worried about it, you need to give specific feedback on the changes and why you think it’s a bad change. The mod is literally just a starting point to start getting mass feedback.


Quite interesting, especially the talent changes.
And being that for a long time, my favourite was Unchained with a mace, seeing the changes to the mace are quite mouthwatering. Was it really that bad?
Still, interesting changes all around.

Though I do wonder how the animations chain up on the new halberd heavy chain. I dunno, I suppose not too many people care about that.

A lot of great changes. A bit of weird.

But you know what? Still nothing, not a SINGE CHANGE to a bloody shotguns.
Fatshark, please, that’s almost grudging already. Do SOMETHING about those.


Not that huge counting you dont have stagger from curse anymore

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I don’t entirely disagree with @Argonaut14, a lot of the changes I feel are a bit much as well, like a lot of the movement buffs I feel were completely unwarranted, and some weapons could certainly be a bit too much. I can understand where he’s coming from, but a lot of the changes I feel were very warranted and fun too, introducing a ton of cool combos to do which made the weapons more interactive to use. A lot of stuff though needs more than just number tweaks though, Greatsword in particular needs a lot more than a 10% buff to its light attack speed. It’s not at all a weak weapon, but it’s not a very fun one to use, and light attacks will never be good on it as long as they fulfill the exact same role as greatsword, and the wepaon is not too fun to use due to its very simple and kind of dull attack patterns. I’ll make more detailed posts about this later, but I just want to say that yes, there are things that are less than desirable, for me personally, at least. Tweaking just numbers isn’t enough, and more than that should be expected from the developers.


Please don’t turn the game into Path of Exile ZOOMZOOM. :weary:


Really dislike this talent change. Taal´s champion made FK somewhat viable as a CC damage dealer on Legend, but with this gone, a lot of breakpoints are going to be lost. I.e. The block push + push attack on Greatsword got a one shot headshot kill on SVs if skilled right, this is going to be difficult without the +10% Power of Taal´s champion.

Wouldn´t it make more sense to apply this change to Defensive Formation instead of Taal´s Champion?


Seconding this. More group THP gen might be too much (I say this as a scrub who knowingly exploits thp when I can).