Patrol option for social wheel

I don’t understand, why patrol option is absent on ps4 social wheel. People just don’t get “danger”+“no” combo. Also pinging patrol is frequently resulting players aggroing patrol instead of avoiding it.

Do you know if its intentional or some manner of bug?

Seems pretty weird for it to be removed intentionally-

Its just not in there. I dont think its bug as it hasnt been since ps4 launch.

Aggroing is the right wy to do unless you’re in a middle of some deed/ using some extreme difficulty mod.

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Patrols designed to be avoided. And most players tend to do so. Patrol option on the social wheel at least can warn people.
@Frostysir I believe this is not a bug - that’s why I posted this topic at feedback section of the forum. But it boggles my mind too - there are plenty of options on ps4 version of social wheel but it lacks the one that quite crucial.

Great idea!

And there is no sign of such an option on ps4

@brybry4200 That’s not my idea: this option actually exists in pc version.

Our social wheel on PC just has, Yes, No, Help, Thank you, Patrol, Monster. I think that’s it?

PC version also includes chat. There is no chat in ps4 version of game - just chat box w/o ability to type there for obvious reasons. That’s why social wheel has more options on ps4, but for some reason “patrol” option is absent. Also “monster” icon stands for “danger” instead.

Don’t consoles have voice chat? I guess social wheel is better for EU, since we have so many languages so close together. USA should be an issue for voice tho.

But yea, rather strange they left out monster and patrol. Those are really the only two I see being used. Besides help when someone is getting gang banged by the patrol they pulled solo lol.

As far as I know, there is no push to talk option - that’s why IMO people avoid using it: they just don’t like that voice chat is always on. Also, in-game voice chat is muted if you are in ps voice chat and other players can’t hear you.

I’ve seen videos with “Watch out!” IS this not on PS4? It’s not on PC definitely as @SmokerT69 has shown.

So it’s “watch out” in English - not “danger” as I assumed. As I said before for some reason they decided to use “monster” icon combined with "watch out " text and exclude “patrol” option. Maybe devs decided that this is an optimal solution to use this as a caution to all dangers like mini-bosses, patrols, and specials, but in my opinion, patrols can be easily confused especially during hordes with units that just roam in the level.

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