Patch Notes 1.0.22

For sure, this is a start at the very least - and in the meantime i’ll be here to provide information when I can!


Thanks Catfish, you brought in some new blood after a lot of silence.

They’re easy to implement, granted, but they’re not necessarily easy to identify.
Secondly, there are a lot of these tweaks and they’ve had 2 weeks vacations over the past month. This is the tip of the iceberg of 2 weeks worth of dev work, I suspect game designer(s) have been brainstorming for which better solutions for crafting and map selection and penances and all these systems they should implement - we’ve given enough ideas on that front that it’s more a matter of picking and adjusting than thinking and creating.

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Idk if it’s intended, but Ogryn’s Blood & Thunder (+1 Bleed Stack on Heavy Melee Hit) still applies bleed to Bulwarks when hitting them in the shield.

Thanks for the reply buuuut…

So fixed stuff that benefited the player while broken feats hurting the player remain?.
Are the other broken feats like Payback Time, Raging Bull and co. working now?

P.S. There are so many broken feats and blessings we really need an “open issues list” as well as a detailed “fixed list” to make heads or tails of the current state.


I really, really hope the team starts picking up speed with patching and fixing now. I’m not trying to be ungrateful, this really is a fantastic start; but I think it’s fair to say much of these seem like small fixes, and there are still far too many people suffering from crashes.

Heres hoping we’re back on track now.


Thanks for letting me know - i’ll pass it on to the combat team


Having now tested it, it seems that not all the performance enhancements from the experimental build made it into patch 1.0.22, at this time.

The patch runs worse than the experimental build, particularly noticeable on a map like Hab Dreyko, where I get large fps drops with the new patch.

Big psyker nerfs, nice, just what the class needed.

Suppressing a target does nothing for a zealot when enemies are spread out, alive, and shooting you.
Afaik, you can’t suppress an entire screen, although that would be a cool career ability.

“Powerusers” like Royale W/ Cheese have identified the majority of the broken / misadvertised feats and the various blessing exploits through rigorous testing as literally an individual end user. Without getting paid.

Since the VT2 days I have consistently seen modders and end users with intense curiosity about the technical facts of the game learn more and put out more fixes than Fatshark. I have a friend who knows how to go ”invisible” for the entire match as Bardin Ranger Vet, which he keeps to himself and doesn’t exploit in public games. I have another friend who knows literally 150+ ways to get out of various maps as Battle Wizard through hundreds of hours of testing on the modded realm using mapping tools that puts up a visible “grid / fence” on map barriers and let’s you set visual points in 3D space for reference. Either of these friends could probably tell you more about the balance and theorycrafting system, what doesn’t work the way it’s supposed, or what was changed (intentionally or unintentionally) during an update that wasn’t on the patchnotes probably to a greater extent than the avg dev at Fatshark.

Let me emphasize again that they don’t get paid. Fatshark has 150 employees. If that’s not laziness or lack of passion for their own game then I don’t know what to call it.


Maybe report these AFTER the broken feats/bugs are fixed :wink:

You’re on the right path.
A month or two behind the schedule though.
And no significant improvements sadly.

ignoring the amount of time it took for the new patch to roll out, i have a question - does anyone else have an issue with updating the game if you got it through xbox gamepass? the issue is that the game refuses to update(both in xbox launcher, and in-game) and i have better chances to just reinstall the game.

I force it through the Microsoft Store usually, under Library and then just click the “Get Updates” button, if you’re having issues with the new hotfix downloading hopefully that’ll work. Apologies if you’ve already tried that, not sure what else to try otherwise.

wow! a whole patch of nothing, very nice. screw you fat shark give me my money back

Hello, when will the pre-order rewards and beta test rewards be replenished to me? I’ve been waiting for too long. I’ve played Undertow for hundreds of hours. I want to buy skins, but every time I think of the two things I’m missing I feel incomplete. I left a message on that post a long time ago and have not responded. I will never give it or I will make it up later. I need to confirm


One of the unreported changes in this patch is that Deflector blessing on force swords no longer blocks ranged when reviving teammates.

Long story short:

PLEASE Fatshark - Revert the Change to Deflector so it can block ranged during revives

Go there and make a fuss so we can push to get this shadow nerf reverted.

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