Patch Notes 1.0.22

Wouldn’t that be immeasurably complex though?

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Which ones!?
There were MANY bugs, are they ALL fixed?

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No fix for the constant crashing. So when is that?

Since I’m not a psyker these seem to be a some of the more important changes, will be neat to see if this helps with some of the ranged spam. Overall this seems like a good patch and has me feeling somewhat more positive. Probably not going to get me back into the game but a step in the right direction.

glad to see an update, but this changed nothing in reference to crashing. still unable to even open the game half the time, and even when I do it crashes when loading into and during missions.
i just want to play the game, but I’m genuinely just not allowed to

quietitude is giving a flat 5 toughness instead of 5% of the total toughness current value


You’re completely right about what you’re saying here and people would be wise to listen, but I do hope the team considers why such a service exists while figuring out what to do with the progression systems.

I’d say that the suggestion that someone can use your API to do anything dangerous should have your team even more concerned than the players. I wonder what else we can pull out of it (or possibly worse, put into it)…


ctrl+f poxhound.
1 result.
It’s a psyker fix.

Come on, now.

I never thought of that. But yeah, increasing the Plasteel payout on Heresy+ would make a huge difference. What is the upgrade cost breakdown? Is it 50/150/350 for Diamantine and 150/400/800 for Plasteel from Profane to Transcendent? 550 Diamantine and 1350 Plasteel? Meanwhile it’s like a 1:2 ratio for Heresy in payout IF your team is looking?

I wouldn’t mind a 100 Diamantine/350 Plasteel payout. Or even a 200/600 payout per mission given all the RNG in the upgrade shop.

We will never be acknowledged. DXGI hang crash fam.

I mean the issue was acknowledged, but not fixed IN TWO MONTHS.

I don’t think it’s been specifically noted in an official form, only though a single developer on the most active post on these forums.

Either way, it’s ridiculous.

That’s not entirely true as there were MANY different bugs causing hangs, but I think there are still quite a few. Still unacceptable though.

For me, it’s gotten successively better over the many patches and experimental branch.
Edit: Spoke too soon, RT is still crashy.

P.S. I do wish some of those 2 advanced threading options (texture and mesh) the dev posted for the other config file were more publicly advertised.

@Grave even if you open a support ticket they just try and blame your hardware lol, ive been trying to get help for the past 2 months

It must feel great for you personally to be able to make an announcement with content! Can only imagine the frustration you must have had managing the community and not being able to say much.

I assume anything not listed (Crafting, Stability, Progression) has been pushed into the later bucket? (Specifically, Cross-play? Thing are getting a little quiet on Gamepass). May be another thing that can’t be promised / put a date on but hoping confirming it is in the later bucket is possible / cleared.

They just can’t stop themselves from nerfing Psyker. Incredible.


But the Vet’s Unwavering Focus still applies to all damage it seems :nerd_face: Someone’s playing favourites.

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Crazy boi already has steepest learning curve of all. Why can’t we have nice things too?

Could you please share those because I have no idea what are you talking about?

Hi, sorry I wasn’t more clear in the patch notes - i’ll be sure to try and be more specific next time!
The fixes that were implemented here were:
‘Excessive Force’, the Skullbreakers passive was giving increased stagger for all types of attacks when it should only give increased stagger to melee attacks

“Intimidating Presence”, the Skullbreaker’s Coherency Aura was giving increased melee damage, when it should only give heavy melee damage


I understand that most of the patch notes are a bit specific at times and maybe that’s why it takes quite a bit of time to write them! But ones like ‘Fixed Ogryn feats/passive not working as intended’ are the ones I get the most questions on and I am asked to explain them further!