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Is this game still actively getting worked on?

Please don’t take this as a rude comment.
What are you trying to tell us?



Season 2 of the weaves is expected to be released this autumn, alongside 3 adventure maps.

There is also a beta sign up for vermintide versus mode which Fatshark are currently working on.

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From what I heard it will be rather closer to the end of the year.

Maps will be added gradually. First at the season 2 beginning, second - more or less in the mid, and third - closer to its end.
If someone expects all three maps at once, they may feel disappointed.

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Oops i didn’t mean to put update discussion sorry about that

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They said the start would coincide with the Geheimisnacht event.

“Season 1 is going to end with Geheimnisnacht event to line up with Halloween, and Season 2 will start before the end of the year.”

They said on their stream that it would take some time to change over to the next season. However, I can’t imagine that taking more than a week or two to do.

Yes, but the end of season 1 in October does not mean that the beginning of season 2 will be automatic.
Observing the current pace of work it may turn out that this will happen in early December. Basically, we have fall until December 22 :wink:

That really depends on how much adjusting they’re going to do between seasons. If they have everything ready (and hopefully better quality-controlled than before), and there isn’t much need for additional balance adjustments, it can indeed be only a couple of weeks, mainly to check that everything’s okay. But if they intend to do a lot of balancing and/or things need other kinds of adjustments, the liminal time may be closer to two months. They’ve given us the timeline of starting the second season before year’s end, which could technically mean anything from a day after Season one’s end to the 31st of December (though I find each extreme quite unlikely for different reasons).

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