Paged Fault in Non Paged Area - EasyAniCheat.sys

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Just though I would post this here, I’ve been getting a lot of BSODs lately, at first I thought it was my driver’s, but I finally paid attention to the BSOD message and saw that it is EasyAntiCheat.

I “only” ever get Blue Screens (recently) when I play Warhammer 2.

Screenshot attached. I’m uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure. I’ve already exhausted updating all drivers and checking my RAM, temperature, and updating BIOS to make sure that they aren’t the cause - did all this b4 I just got a BSOD 10 mins aho, and read the message.

Sorry I took the screenshot from my phone while it was rebooting.

I’ve done the following since the post above to troubleshoot the issue

  • Ran Prime95 hardware console to stress test my rig for hardware failures
  • Opened EasyAntiCheat.exe and repaired service for WarHammer Vermintide 2.

If I get another bluescreen, I’ll continue investigating

I am actually already in communication with Easy Anti-Cheat regarding this error, as a couple of other players have reported it also. This was the response received from Easy Anti-Cheat:

If you’re in touch with some affected users, could you have one or two of them try enabling the Windows “small memory dump” setting and providing the file created after a blue screen in C:\Windows\Minidump to us?

If you could PM me with the required information, I can pass this on. Alternatively, you can contact them directly at:

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Thanks @FatsharkJulia Will do that. I haven’t experienced another BSOD since performing the repair on the vermintide 2 service from Anti-cheat.

I’ve turned the windows setting on. If I get another BSPD while playing Vermintide, I’ll attach it to a forum post.

Thanks again

Spoke too soon. Just got “another” BSOD . File attached. Not going to risk another BSOD, so I’ll check back in a while.

Thanks052520-34515-01.dmp (1.3 MB)

Thank you - I’ve passed the .dmp on. I had another player submit some yesterday and have yet to hear back from Easy Anti-Cheat, but I’ll keep you all posted.

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So, I haven’t experienced another BSOD yet. The last time I received one, I noticed I was in the keep and I had alt-tabbed away to watch a YouTube video on an adjacent screen.

And then it BSOD. That got me thinking that maybe it was because I had my game running in a Borderless window.

I decided to switch to Fullscreen and I have not yet experienced a BSOD in 2+ days (where as b4 I would get one at least once day)

It might just be coincidence, but there may be some correlation between the display mode and easy anti cheat.sys BSOD-ing

Thought I would post this here for someone else to try.

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