Windows 10 - BSOD: EasyAniCheat.sys - Paged Fault in Non Paged Area

I also have a ticket open with Fatshark and EasyAntiCheat about this. But i figured i will add a post here, and hope that other players recognize something in my list to narrow downt he cause.

I have been getting BlueScreenOfDeath whenever i play vermintide 2, with this error displayed on the BSOD:

EasyAntiCheat.sys Page_Fault_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. The crash usually occurs when over 30-50% of the map.

I do not run any mods.

I did however figure out that i had installed Halo 2 as part of the Halo Master Chief Collection via Steam around the time this started. Halo 2 also runs EasyAntiCheat.sys, and i found a post by windows, that they had encountered users with this same error where games had conflicting versions of anti cheat software

So far i have done:

  1. Run CPU analysis with prime96
  2. Run memory analysis with Windows
  3. Run Disk analysis
  4. Reinstalled the game on the same disk (which is HDD)
  5. Reinstalled the game on the C disk (which is an SSD)
  6. Repaired local files for the game.
  7. Everything on this page:
  8. Rolled back windows updates 7 days (i.e before i got issues).
  9. Rolled forward windows updates (as the new 2020 release was pending).
  10. Updated all drivers.
  11. Investigated the Vermintide 2 console logs . But it looks like the BSOD interrupts logging. There is a windows .dmp file, but debugdiag did not give any results.
  12. try the game with DX11 and DX12.
  13. Adjust the game settings to low.
  14. Ran Malwarebytes and AVG deep scan. Neither found anything.
  15. Ran system file analysis and repair
  16. disk analysis and repair
  17. System files analysis and repair.
  18. Uninstalled Halo Master Chief Collection. I noticed the BSOD started around installing Halo 2.
  19. Uninstalled all other games, except Warhammer Total War 2 and vermintide 2.
  20. Uninstalled all versions of EasyAntiCheat i could find.
  21. Reinstalled vermintide 2.
  22. Played with Paging settings in windows.

In addition i found a ton of other posts where this exact error shows up with EasyAntiCheat.sys, but for many types of games (Vermintide, Smite, Rust, etc). Based on all that, and my efforts made so far, it does look like the fault lies at EasyAntiCheat, and not with vermintide: EasyAntiCheat is however less than forthcoming in their assistance and their tech support has still not replied to my queries.

Part of this post is to help escalate it, as this is really annoying (love vermintide 2), and part to see if other players have a similar issue, and have some factors in common. Things to look for:

  1. Installed Halo 2 or Master Chief Collection around the time this issue started occuring.
  2. Installed Windows 10 Updates (the big 2020 spring update, NOT the beta update).
  3. Installed the May Nvidia graphic card drivers.

I have not added new hardware, other software, or made other changes to my system, other than what is listed above.

Note, that even though halo games are uninstalled, EasyAnticheat has been completely removed, and vermintide has been reinstalled multiple times, i can still reliably reproduce the crash every game i play.

I know I’ve already responded to you via the Support Portal, but for anybody else encountering this issue - Easy Anti-Cheat believe they have identified the problem and we’re updating our Easy Anti-Cheat version today to include the changes they’ve made. Hopefully, this should no longer be an issue as of the end of the day.


This just started happening to me today! Every time I launch it gives me PAGE_FAULT error and goes bsod on me. First time it happened it also uninstalled the game!

@CurlehMustache Oh no! Other players have reported success with the most recent Easy Anti-Cheat update, but perhaps a new BSOD has arisen off the back of it!

Would you willing to contact Easy Anti-Cheat, so they can investigate this? I can contact them myself but they much prefer to speak to players directly:

Edit: The developer handling this at Easy Anti-Cheat is also happy for players to email him directly. I will PM you his email address.

Today I also encountered this problem (BSOD with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA blaming EasyAntiCheat) for the first time. After reboot, Steam marked Vermintide 2 as uninstalled, but the files were still there; when I clicked “Install”, it rediscovered the old files instead of downloading them.’

UPD 0: I also contacted Easy Anti-Cheat via the request tech support form.

UPD 1: all my settings (excepts for custom keybindings) are reset to the defaults :’( All installed mods are disabled too.

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