Pack of throwing weapons in bomb slot

Bombs are expensive and highly effective, but our heroes keeps finding them all the time, making patrols and hordes just senseless. What if we could also find some throwing weapons? Something like 5-4 knives or axes at one time, one pack of axes enough to kill chaos warrior, or one to kill special. Dwarf-slayer will be able to face some specials and overhaul would bring diverse in gameplay. Dwarf-ranger could bring a pack of axes in game at the start (rangers use throwing weapons in WH universe anyway), Kruber-huntsman or elf-waywatcher could take some knives. What harm of it? That would make characters more unique and bring more depth in game. Just think about it.


I was thinking yesterday of dual weapons allowing to throw one of them as additional use of the weapons specials but had a hard time figuring how it could be made to work. I like your idea way better.
Still, it seems to me that control has to be updated. Using grenades or knives/axes as you suggested should be done on the fly, like in most shooters.
Just press the grenade/thrown weapon button and the character does the action without having to actually switch to a different weapon. Holding the button readies it for throwing as a prolonged click does now.

Here’s to future DLC.

Edit: oh oh oh. How about also adding a pair of WHC pistols to the list. Shoot em and thrown em as the regular ones. You can never have enough pistols. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Might as well add those lovely hats to the list while we’re at it


On a serious note, I do think FS has some opportunity here (plenty of contraptions/magic items in the warhammer world) but the question becomes, will it be implemented for V2 or a potential third game? Similar concept/question for more enemy types, plenty more to choose from but ultimately they will need to have unique impacts to the rounds versus just a reskin of existing mobs/specials.

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