Owned Weapon Display in Keep

Has there ever been any “serious” discussion about allowing players to display a selection of their weapons in the keep? I’ve got like 50 different awesome looking weapons that I never really see, I’d like to hang them on the wall for other people to see who join my keep.

Yes I’m aware this isn’t a high priority issue, just didn’t know if there had ever been any official comment on something similar…


You know what is funny? You offer FS a good idea, but they as always will remain silent. It feels like we talking to a wall

cause we are.

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You can’t possibly demand them to answer every topic in this section of the forums.

From what I can tell, they actually do read mostly everything. You’ll even get a few “likes” on your posts in different threads from FS employees. They might not write in every thread, but I’m sure they read nearly everything.


Yeah, they do read, but we looking like an idiots when they just read it and leave us unanswered. Not while ago there was a hedge, that really communicate with players, but i haven’t seeing him lately. There is too much heresy here, i guess.

He’s still active, you can even check when he was last online btw… He was last on the forums only 4 hours ago, which would be 10pm here in Sweden. You can’t expect him to be on all the time though, it is his job, he most likely has office hours.

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I understand that they’ve got a laundry list of priorities already scheduled, I’d just like to have a realistic assessment of whether or not something like that is feasible, or if it would be a royal pain in their ass and not worth the time to develop. I get that they’re not allowed to commit to anything.

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