Did anyone notice the weapon Appearance screen changes?

They moved the weapon skin and trinket tabs/buttons in the UI over to the left, with ample room for more tabs.

What could it meaaaaaaan?! :drooling_face:

They accidentally broke their UI?

It could mean that the old way these buttons were presented was ass and they wanted to make it better.

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Nah, they’re new graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:

It just means they broke their UI like everything else after a patch. Eventually they may fix it, but probably not. More likely they will fix that when people are upset about something in the game to show us they care. lol

OH OK, guy.

Something’s coming soon tm

Ok, I take that back.
It’s actually done because no one was using and more importantly buying trinkets from the cash shop because it wasn’t obvious to where you equipped them. So to drum up more trinket revenue they made the UI more clear to where they are.

Not that the horrible positioning of trinkets on most weapons had anything to do with it either.

I would love to be optimistic about great and good changes, but that’s not how FS rolls.

OH OK, guy. These are some fun theories.

But I think Enclaves’s is the most fun though!

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It means soon I can make my bestest basha look shiny and special like I wants it to! I hope…Maybe it means I can ask someone to help, make my basha look shiny and special…like I want it to…yeah?

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