Owned DLC suddenly no longer available

Not sure if this should go here or tech support, playing on XBOX. Anyway took a break from this game for a while but I had purchased the Outcast Engineer class a long while back, started it up again and now the class is showing as unavailable and I need to repurchase it? All unfinished challenges still have their trackers up but I can no longer play the class. Who do I need to get in touch with to fix this?

Hi @Ancalagon,

Sorry to hear this. Sometimes it’s possible for DLC to become temporarily desynced with the backend - especially if you’ve returned from a break.

Can you please try restarting Vermintide 2 (possible a few times) and check if the DLC becomes available to you again?

If not, can you please provide me with your Xbox Gamertag so we can take a look at your account in the backend.

Please let me know how it goes!

Hey Lev, yeah it’s still not popping back up after a few times restarting the game and full resetting the xbox. Gamertag is AceBamb00zler

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Thanks I’ve dropped you a message :slight_smile:

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