Own cosmetic creater idea

Since we only can expect recolors at best in the gold shop and all other skins get yeeted into the real money shop.
Lets give us the ability to create them ourselfs!

So how would this even work?

Just like the Reject you made we get options on the menu.

You can choose a shirt pattern (if a shirt is availible) and also armor patterns, and there will be patterns that have up to 4 paint-areas.
They would be like how tattoos are for the character. (so a skull, or plain, or checkerboard, or stars everywhere, whatever would fit 40k theme)

When you selected your shirt pattern, you can choose the colors. If its for example a shirt that has a checkerboard look you can paint the left top, right top, bottom left and bottom right. or you can just go one will be color X and another be color Y (kinda like how you can choose what eye is blind in the creator).

And you can mix and match different parts of skins you already own. Lets take ogryn, you own the premium skin?
Now you can repaint that odd looking armor to be full bright red (cuz red = fasta!).
You can also change the hand items it got for another skin, maybe you want to have chains there instead of the armor.
And you can do the same for helmets and pants.

So we would have these parts:
Head, head accessory (which would be a mouth covering like the face mask of the veteran or the cloth mask)
body, hand accessory (the braces of the armor on the ogryn or chains)
legs, boots, leg accessory (on ogryn you have some metal plates down there for some variations)

And you can mix and match each with every cosmetic you own, and ofc paint them in what color you like.

What about colors?

We make it the whole RGB pallet, no predetermined colors, just the whole pallet.
so every paintable part can be any color, you can be a pink ogryn, be the color of the rainbow, look like a clow, look like a nurgle follower (just beware being called a traitor). You can look similar to a space marine, though just in color I might add.

So whats the price?

250k gold for creating a piece (so 750k for each slot, I dont count the backpack in).
And 10k each time you want to re-do anything on it. Yes, you wont have to pay 250k every time you want a new skin, but 250k if you want to keep the new skin.

This way you have a massive goldsink that is also really great to get to (I mean who wouldnt want to make their own skin right?)

And Fatshark could sell more skins, that way the amount you can customize will get greater with more skins you buy. Which in turn makes this feature even more valuable.
And Fatshark could even sell premium colors for like 100 aquillas, like a gold color, silver, bronze. Or preset colors that make you give the pain of a space marine like idk, an Ultramarine or Blood Raven.

So implementing this idea will cost Fatshark less to introduce new recolors (because those are hard to do). And give them more ways to take money out of our pockets! (which is what they like).
They already sell colors for 900 aquillas in the shop (weapon recolors!) so dont think I give them totally new ideas.