"Out With a Bang" Psker penance bugged (possibly on new patch)

When attempting to suicide bomb multiple enemy elites, the psyker warp explosion does not award credit for kills.

  1. Play any map as Psyker (Psykinetic) with a team of 3 other players
  2. Group multiple (3+) elites
  3. Proc. warp explosion to kill them (ensure teammates do not kill them)
  4. Notice that despite elites dying, NO kills are awarded in the feed, and penance remains incomplete.

ID: Steam Community :: JL

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

Second here - I got all the 3 kills but no ach… this is disapointing and keeping me from the penance armor/head gear.

Steam ID: Steam Community :: DongSlayer

What difficulty did you do it on? I had the same problem when I did Malice, so I tried it on Heresy and got it there. It may be bugged that you can’t do it on Malice.

i can do it with 3 shotgunners on Malice. 1st try