Other Skaven-like stuff

Since the first Vermintide I’ve had a craving for anything rat-related. Here are some things I’ve watched or played, which have a similar feel. :rat:

I was hoping to also get some suggestions. I’m yet to read any books about rats or mice (Warhammer books included).

The Secret of NIMH

The Great Mouse Detective

An American Tail


Includes Cluny The Scourge, one of my favourite villains of all time. I can only hope someone from FS watches it and adds him as a lord. Well worth the watch if you’re looking for something a little silly. May or may not be on YT. :zipper_mouth_face:

Ghost Of A Tale
Played this very recently. It’s a gorgeous game with an interesting story and world. Did have some trouble with bugs, but I’m happy bought it. The rats do use halberds too.

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