Opinions of Rats in real life?

So I was wondering, has your experience playing vermintide and slaying the ratmen improved your opinion of rats in real life or made you hate them?

For me, I found rats to be disgusting, however, after playing vermintide, I do see them as fuzzy cute animals.

That said, If i end up having a rat infestation at my home in the future, I will call for an exterminator. Hopefully, he/she will do more rat killing than preaching about the glory of Sigmar.


I live on a large plot of land with wide area’s of fields around me , rats unfortunately refuse to stay in those fields and come reside in my humble abode instead . here’s a list of some of their favourite pastimes :

  1. Chewing through any type of cabling (electrical , ethernet , telephone , you name it they chew it)
  2. Pooping a lot
  3. Breeding
  4. Burrowing holes through wooden cupboards .
  5. Ripping up sponge/clothing/boxes to use for nest material

To sum it all up they’re pests , i wouldn’t mind them living outside where they belong but they choose not to do so and thus do i consider them enemies in all regards -_-


I used to have domesticated rats. They are very social and get will be affectionate towards their pack - this means you, once you own them and take care of them you’re one of them as far as they are concerned. They love to climb and explore, sometimes jumping from crazy heights and shrugging it off like nothing (had rats jumping off my wardrobe). They love to participate in your activities by sitting on your shoulders while you’re doing something and snuggle inside your sweater (making it look like you have an alien about to burst out of your chest). They can be jealous, I’m pretty sure they can distinguish between man and woman easily. They are cunningly intelligent, can open locks, play fetch and learn commands.

On the flip side, they stink, need space and activity. Bored rat in a cage will suffer, especially alone, they need company and some freedom. They will take your time, require you to clean their cage constantly and change your behaviour to adapt to them, a bit like cats.

The tails seem gross and the beginning but then you get used to it and they’re kinda cool. Ah and they have the cutest faces ever and their hands/paws look incredibly human.


As a Skaven main in TT I consider them as cute fuzzy fluffy sweeties the whole time. :blush:

Village-born myself rats and mice are real…ly annoying, but as a pet they are fantastic, I still miss my Mr. Evasqueek :rat::skaven:.


If I ever have to get a pet, would be a mouse. It’s so damn cute :3
I don’t really have opinion on rats however, they obviously share some of this cuteness, but I don’t know ^^

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Mice are easily manageable, require less space and attention. Don’t make them mate though, just don’t. Rats are more akin to ferrets, more of a a domestic pet than a caged one.


I took care of a wild mouse once(I know, not the same, but oh well). My friends cat mangled its foot, so it couldnt run anymore. Took it home with me after checking with a vet. Kept it around for a couple weeks in a shoebox with an empty toilet roll and such as a makeshift nest lol. One day I took it out with me as it seemed to have recovered pretty well and I didnt wanna keep it caged for too long(I left it alone mostly, so it wouldnt get too used to me). Bugger just ran off without saying thanks or goodbye. >:(

Heres a couple pictures if anyone is interested ^^

Webcam is pretty meh, dont expect too much. :smiley:


I have a friend who had a very sweet pet rat, and there have been so many adorable rat pictures on here (it was a bigger thing before the new game came out) that I’ve grown to love the pet ones. As for wild ones, I don’t mind them as long as they stay out of my house. But I have terriers, so if one did, pretty sure their instincts would lead them to just kill it. Ever seen a video of them ratting? Even the little ones like yorkies.

Terriers, man. Skaven’s worst nightmare.

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Well, rat-hunting is what they were originally bred for. Which might make one a fitting pet for Lohner.

No, Vermintide hasn’t really changed my views on rats. Wild ones are different from the pets and lab animals (sad that we still need them), and while the pets are cute, the wild ones are, well, vermin. Both are surprisingly clever, though.

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Yeah, and they still use them for that! Terriers are actually pretty tough little things, despite being tiny.

Lol its bred in them! Terriers even cute little yappy yorkies turn into murderous vicious hunters when they see rats! My girlfriend has a little yorkie thats the most adorable dog ever but you should see it when its in rat hunting mode. Vicious! These dogs have rat hunting in their ancestry. Does not matter how gentle these dogs are raised they are all literally Rat assassins !

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still vermin. disgusting creatures that are exterminated with extreme prejudice

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