What drives you to fight the rats?!

Everytime I play vermintide and fight the vermin horde, I fight to try to prevent the end times from happening. I start to think, maybe, just maybe if I kill enough rats and chaos this time around, I will prevent the end times and STOP AGE OF SIGMAR from ever happening…

A man can dream…


I just like being a part of the End Times. Despite I know from books that the whole world is going to fall apart, I still can slaughter as many ratmen as I can and it gives a little satisfaction and revenge. :slight_smile: But ofc I would also like to prevent AoS somehow… :joy:

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I don’t really care what they are, I’m mostly here for the beauty of killing. Wheter I send their body flying, burn them to death, cut everysingle part, unleash a rain of bolt, I can find beauty in this.
Little extra, I’m still fighting on VT2 cause I hope I’ll hear “Holy Sigmar ! Bless this ravaged body !” again x’D


I just like a fine hit!

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For that incredible feeling when you get pinned down by all manner of horde + patrol + special but still somehow manage to ninja-stab your way out of it!

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I just love the carnage. One of my favorite thing is sweeping a great hammer back and forth through a horde, sending the waves of rats to and fro like waves on a beach. That, and seeing the brute fall when you strike that great killing blow on a boss enemy.

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i love the audio+visual feel of combat. the CRUNCH and character yelling and ratties crying out while getting their limbs cut off. and the berserkers going YAAARRRRRRR - and then the audio stops when you cut their head off.

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TBH, i dont really want to, id just like to pet them and give them a bath and teach them to speak a bit better.

I heard it today! It made me very happy.

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