What sort of Chaos or Skaven beast is this?

I’ve never seen anything like it before, but it has an unhealthy obsession with Morrslieb!

Truly the end times are upon us . . .


I’ve heard of the Skaven blowing up the moon before, but this is just downright heresy.

These fine specimens you’ve found yourself here are far more abominable than your common Skaven that’s for sure, what with their monstrous teeth and malformed eyes. At least the everyday Skaven has the decency to wear some resemblance of clothing, but these seem to resort to wearing nothing but… hats.

And look, they seemingly pass the time by playing sorry excuses for music on instruments, no doubt stolen from the mighty Imperial cities above their degenerate underground hovels, whilst grasping their scrawny fingers around miniature replicas of the moon.

No doubt their alleged “liking” of the moon is nothing more than a ploy as well - Skaven are notoriously incapable of feeling any positive emotions towards anything other than their own personal gain. “Liking” seems to be synonymous with “envious” in this case. It is ever in the Skavens’ nature to covet that which they cannot possess, the scheming rat bastards. Pun not intended.

May Sigmar punish these “Joel” and “Alex” characters for ever consorting with such vile creatures. Should’ve known someone with the surname “Veitch” is not to be trusted. It can’t even be pronounced without invoking some kind of spell in the Dark Tongue.


Good old rathergood stuff xD havent seen that in a while

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