Onslaught crashing when using ironbreaker bot

Onslaught crashes for me when using ironbreaker bot in specific locations:

  • Near the healing items outside the temple at the end of righteous stand
  • The start of the pit finale event with the falling platforms
  • After turning the crank to start the event in the dark section of blightreaper

<>scripts/unit_extensions/human/ai_player_unit/ai_utils.lua:1018: Invalid float in get_vector3.<</Script Error>>

Not sure if this mod is still being maintained but figured I’d post anyway, happens without other mods active.

Crash dump of skipping to one of the crash areas using flight mod:
crash_dump-2021-09-02-19.54.06-14ea538b-597f-477d-b54e-8d15ea92627a.dmp (636.2 KB)
console-2021-09-02-19.54.06-14ea538b-597f-477d-b54e-8d15ea92627a.log (324.5 KB)

Are you in the VT Modded Community discord? If so, may be a better place to get answers. I’m unaware of any crashes related to IB, but someone there will probably be able to decipher the crash logs.

I’m not on discord but posted this on the workshop page too so maybe the modder will see. Could just be my computer but it’s oddly specific.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu