Stormfiend caused a crash

A Stormfiend crashed a run on the map “The Pit”. Twitch spawned a Stormfiend inside the event area with barricaded windows. It then smashed open one of the windows and shot its fire through at one of the players on the outside. This caused the game to crash.

GUID: a3ca0b15-da4f-4ed0-90ce-eb35c9668e1c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …m/systems/behaviour/nodes/bt_stormfiend_shoot_action.lua:408: attempt to index field ‘aim_constraint_animations’ (a nil value)

Console Log:
console-2021-03-16-13.44.27-3f5190ca-3331-45e0-a7c8-afdb198a6a54.log (2.2 MB)

Crash dump:
crash_dump-2021-03-16-13.44.27-3f5190ca-3331-45e0-a7c8-afdb198a6a54.dmp (574.7 KB)

Looks like a mod-related crash, likely Bot Improvements.


Thank you, I’ll let the one who crashed know. ^^

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