Constant Crashes 12/28/2020

I havn’t been having issues until today except for over the past week i noticed lag when using Sienna’s fireball ult. Now it crashes almost everytime i use it.

GUID: 45c50bbf-938e-4ea2-b1de-91860cb4cabc
Log File:
Info Type:

That is the info from the crash dump the game gave me. I’m also useing these mods:
Vermintide mod framework
Penlight Lua Libraries
Crosshairs fix
Bot Improvements - Combat
Notice Key Pickup
UI Improvements
Reroll Improvements
Scoreboard Tweaks
No Wobble
Skip Intro
Chat Block
Killfeed Tweaks
Numeric UI

No obvious cause for this unfortunately; I’d recommend having a look at:

Derp, wrong link. Please see:

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