Sudden Situational? Game Crash in Chaos Wastes

My game suddenly crashed yesterday. It didn’t freeze or stutter, it just suddenly closed and I didn’t even get the crash report form so just in case, I decided to post a bug report here.

What I was doing when the game crashed / Steps to reproduce:

First of all the crash happened in the Chaos Wastes as I was hosting and playing as Grail Knight. I think it’s also relevant to mention that at the time I also had (among others) these 3 talents:
" Eldrazor’s Deflection"
“Virtue of Discipline”
“Virtue of the Joust”
I believe this is relevant due to the circumstances in which the crash occured. As you can see, 2 of these talents grant me buffs when I parry/do a timed block while the 3rd one increases my push arc.

So I was playing as GK with these talents, I was wielding the Sword and Mace. A horde of skaven slaves was rushing towards me, I ran to meet them and as I was to collide with them I tried to execute a push attack, and here’s when the crash occured: as my push pushed a lot of enemies thanks of “Virtue of the Joust” I also heard that I almost simultaneously time-blocked/parried numerous attacks from the rats and that’s when my game instantly closed, I never reached the attack phase of my push attack combo. My guess is that the high number of enemies pushed by my push combined with the numerous and simultaneous parrys which triggered " Eldrazor’s Deflection" and “Virtue of Discipline” a number of times in a very small window caused the game to crash.

How consistently the issue occurs for you:

I have yet to get the same combinations of talents and find myself in a relative similar situation so I can’t really say

It would be appreciated if you could upload the console log associated with this session, please! :slight_smile: [PC] How to Provide a Crash Report or Console Log – Fatshark

Hey Julia ! I’m very sorry I didn’t upload the console log but the thing is I’m not sure anymore which log is the right one. The game closed and didn’t open the crash report tool. I didn’t think to go and make a copy of that session immediately, instead I started another session since I was playing with friends. To make things worse, I’m on leave from work so I’ve been playing several sessions per day… I know the crash occurred on May 18th or 19th. Should I upload all the logs that might be it? Is there any way for me to pinpoint the right one (like see which session ended in a crash)?

Edit: okay I think I might have found it. I went in my AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\crash_dumps folder and noticed there was a crash log dated May 19th and there’s a console log with the same exact date and time stamp so I guess these should be the right ones ? I’m uploading both of them just in case.
crash_dump-2021-05-19-21.16.44-5fc05bb6-63a3-4cfb-953f-d2bb960c7079.dmp (659.2 KB)
console-2021-05-19-21.16.44-5fc05bb6-63a3-4cfb-953f-d2bb960c7079.log (2.2 MB)

That’s the one! It looks like the ‘Bot Improvements - Combat’ mod caused your crash here. As we don’t handle mod-related crashes ourselves, I recommend reaching out to the mod author via it’s Steam Workshop page and they will be able to work on this. :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks a lot for the info! I’ll disable it in the meantime!

Good to know, I’ve had a couple crashes like that as well, I’m disabling the mod, see how things go (and how bots fare without that mod).

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