Only question I care about

Can I still tank and spank? Ranged was always a secondary for me in vermintide. I prefer support roles, using my shield to break lines and assist the other players. Etc etc

Thus far I have not found much info on this?

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Haven’t seen any shield weapons yet.

I’d expect the Ogryn to get some and possibly the zealot for a crusader-style loadout. Veteran doesn’t have much for shield options unless they want to give him some sort of Arbites riot shield, and I suppose psyker could just use his mind to make a shield. But so far, we got nothing.

There are plenty in the setting though. Ordinary low-tech shields that are just sheets of metal, anti-daemon shields made of true silver, or even power shields that can be used to block power and energy weapons effectively. Hope we get some of it all.


My sincere hope is that if we do get shield weapons, Fatshark has implemented the ability to actually be able to block for your team-mates.

Like, to actually be able to hide behind the friendly shield-Ogryn from enemy fire, without still getting hit.
Or to stand behind someone’s character-model who is blocking, and have an enemy attack rebound off them and not go through them, and still hit you.

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ogryn and zelot charge are great support ability and mele caracter, ogryn will probably be the caracter you’re looking for as, even if he doesn’t get a shield from launch, he will be designed around taking the brunt of the damage given his playstyle.

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We know that the Ogryn can get a Bullygrin shield
So this one:


But there could be these weapon set too:
Imperial Navy Breacher (Veteran): Bolt Pistol and Shield

Crusader (Zealot): Sword and Suppression Shield (Or Stormshield)

Bullgryn Slab Shield

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