Only one useful gun on Difficulty 4/5

A proper Vet right here! Nothing more badass than triggering Volleyfire with toughness reduction and just walking into a hail of gunfire, blasting away with the laspistol.

I’m pretty much just defaulting to Lucius as my longbow, and having a horde clear melee weapon.
I am a solo Q player and pretty much have to play optimally if I want to succeed. If we’re to play with a premade then yes, a lot more weapons are viable because you have so much room to work with.

→ people run off
→ I have to fend for myself, and clear specials
→ I need to be able to last a run with SCRAPS for ammo
→ my weapon needs to be reliable in the situations that require accuracy, or high damage and can pierce Carapace Ogryns/Maullers.

These reasons alone make Lucius and Boltgun far more viable than any other weapon to me.
If I even let these threats make it to melee range either my team is overwhelmed, or I’m surrounded.
I can only agree with you for these other weapons in a pre-made team.

So, using a Kantrel Lasgun, I can… 1 shot every non carapace elite and special. 3 shot body carapace elites, and 3 headshot non armored ogryns on damnation. Yeah… bolter feels mid now.


im seing a lot of the auto las (recon?) plasma guns and surprising amount of shotties.

and all the ogres sitting in the corner crying because my god they got the finger in weapons lol
2 small knives a small stick or a small stick with a shield… ooooh! and the ranged selection? personal grenades and 3 flavours of innacurate bulletwasters … its harsh.

Yeah, Ogryn weapon suck big time.

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Yah but can you full auto and waste all your ammo in couple seconds. Didnt think so. Checkmate

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Hard to say about crit now, I got each of this guns with crit perks.

Btw by some reason deadshot skill doesn’t work with plasma gun

I guess you never a Flamer before.

The Flamer is fantastic, but also really slow, and has limited range. It’s a great “oh snap” team button.

Bolter is fine, but it has an annoying “recoil reset” timer that makes follow up shots spray randomly despite crosshairs being on target.

One trait I really recommend is Rend armour. This trait cuts down number of shots needed to kill armour target by at least half.

This +% is kinda all crit you get. It has no innate crit chance without such blessings