Only being able to reroll ONE perk on an item is asinine. You need to change this NOW

That idea is garbage, Darktide isn’t a looter shooter, its about improving your skills and getting through more difficulties, its about pure joy of purging the herectis!

You should be able to have maxed out character with “red” curios and chosen weapons with perfect stats that suits your playstyle in like month or so if you playing daily with that one character (don’t even start with full separate progression system).



Yeah I’m done playing. Did my last mission. It’s stupid as is and not rewarding progression or time invested. Shame as invested lot of hours in Vermintide but this ones a turd with no actual listening from the developers


There is no need to be overdramatic, they don’t need to change it now

they just need to have it changed before that segment of crafting launches :stuck_out_tongue:

On the stat bars alone, yes. Though as far as I know 380 is the highest number people can reach currently. Anything past that has turned out to be a visual glitch.

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Would be nice to have at least 1 out of ~70 weapons with 380 rating by now after 270h of gameplay. But no player agency allowed.


According to the people that like terrible crafting systems, 270 hours isn’t enough for you to earn a god roll yet and you’re terrible for thinking you deserve one. If you get one, why continue every playing? Cause clearly everyone stopped playing VT2 once they got red gear since it made the game way too easy.

For real though I have 220 hours so far and have two 380 weapons. One is the Ogryn Shovel which I might use at some point, but the other is the Ogryn Kickback which is a single shot shotgun which is just TERRIBLE.


On its own I dont mind this limitation, at least I wouldn’t if getting new weapons was easy to do. For me most of the issues with their design stem from the Armoury shop and its terrible design. Currently I am very limited on getting a potential upgrade to my weapons. In order to get one I need to :

Have RNG generate a bolter for the shop (low chance)
Have RNG generate a high base rating (extremely low chance)
Have RNG generate stats in the right areas (low chance)
(if green+) have RNG generate 1 great perk (very low chance)
(if blue+) have RNG generate 1 great blessing (very low chance)

It feels like there is a one in ten thousand chance of this happening at the moment, and you only get a go once per hour.

If every time I went to the shop there were 2 or 3 bolters available to select from it wouldn’t be nearly as bad being able to replace just one of the perks (and Im sure Blessings will be the same), but at the moment half the time the shop doesn’t even have a single bolter

From what I understand what they were attempting to go for was that all the weapons we use in game are hand-me-down weapons of varying quality and age. There are several dialogues that indicate this in game. The problem is that it doesn’t feel like it ingame. When you buy a weapon from the shop it looks pretty much brand new. They all look identical and have no ‘character’ to their visuals. It looks like your buying a new weapon and so people take it as a new weapon.

If the weapons looked different, some being all chipped, some missing paint, some scratched up and some with personal marking on them it would have gone a long way to setting the right mentality

I think their design intent was that players should never have a ‘perfect’ weapon and that each weapon is old with alot of history and unique feeling to them. They failed miserably at this if so

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The Weapons being all Hand-me-downs from Grendyl’s Armory doesn’t really mean Hadron can’t help restore them and make them better fit their new User. So Perks, Blessings but also Base Rating should be malleable.


In D3 you can reroll any stats right. In V2 u cant “soon”


I will never understand people who insult the devs while making demands, then expect the devs to still do whatever they demanded.
Right up there with the people who act like disagreeing means they’re biased/shills/not intelligent.


Because not everyone is a trained demagogue. Obviously it does work better for manipulating people to honey them up instead of throwing mud in their face, but sometimes you just feel betrayed and scammed on a personal level and just want to get that feeling out there. And in this case here its completely justified, imho.

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Imagine thinking being polite is demagoguery.
Good lord. What happened to being polite because it’s the basic goddamned thing a person can do?

And no, being rude and making demands because you’re upset at a product is not justified. People need to learn some damn manners.


Because we’ve lost our patience of posting feedback in a collected manner and having none of it get acknowledged. @Benny89 used to post great threads during pre-“beta” and none of it was even acknowledged. Now we’re all frustrated by Fatshark’s tone deaf silence.


Still not an excuse to be rude and make demands.
I don’t know about other people, but I tend to stop caring about clients who are rude to me. I don’t see how people can think 'I’ll insult people who worked on this and then they will HAVE to respond!" is at all a reasonable take.

And, of course, when the devs DON’T respond to rude posts, the posters get ruder, and also scream “Why are the devs ignoring us!?”
Maybe because no one needs to reply to rude people, perhaps?

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Oh? That’s interesting. Do you also ignore your client’s feedback when they give it to you repeatedly in multiple instances within a calm manner? If so, I can understand why they’d be frustrated with you! It’s an interesting sequence of events, that should be studied and even observed on how to not handle client communications.


No I don’t.
But I also get to talk face to face with my client, unlike a games developer.

People need to get off their high horse. There never a call to be rude, and never a time to expect replies AFTER being rude.
End of story.

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What about the near countless posts that aren’t rude?


That’s so fascinating, see I used to work for IT and did Customer Service in the food’s industry and one of the things you learn is how to not escalate customer dissatisfaction into a full blown situation. You want to cool people down through reassurances. Not implement an MTX shop on day one despite not having essential functional features, not put out community updates that don’t address people’s main complaints, not have acknowledgements on the problems people are constantly repeating day in and day out since the freaking pre-“beta”.

See it’s an interesting sequence of events that one has to but admire.


I’d like a reply, but I’m not going to insult the devs if I don’t see one.

There will ALWAYS be a situation.
Once the developers respond to one person, someone ELSE screams “What about MY issue!?”
Then you have to respond to them.
Then someone ELSE screams “What about MY issue!?”
And you have to respond to that person.
Then someone ELSE screams “What about MY issue!?”

In IT and Customer Service, you are dealing with one person at a time. As in, YOU, solo, are not talking to 100 people all at once.
A game forum can have thousands, or tens of thousands of people, all screaming for attention.
Look at the steam forums; People screaming to teamkill anyone wearing MTX items. People screaming at people for being too fast, or too slow. People insulting the devs, their families, and how ‘They’re Tencent’ (No they are not, but people want excuses to be goblins).

I don’t know about you, but I’d go radio silent and just work on the fixes to my game, too.
Because you’re never going to please everyone, never going to be able to talk to everyone, and anyone insulting you is not worth your time and effort to appease.

Well this thread has certainly been a treat to read.
But lets all be real, you can’t sit there and just be happy with being only allowed to reroll one perk when there is legit utter trash perks that exist and take up slots:
% Exp Increase
% Docets reward
% Chance of a curio from an emperors gift
The fact these three exist is bad, real bad.
At this point the game just needs the V2 system, stop trying to change something that worked.
The More rubbish like this that continues to exist the more it takes away from the good aspects of the game and the less they matter. And there is already enough crap with all the RNG that exists that has no right to exist.
So for the love of god to those that keep defending this crap stop. As one thing will lead to another and next thing you know it won’t matter how good the gameplay is.