One QoL that might be good for Surge staff. Let us manually aim the first target and have it bounce from there

One issue Surge staff has is when theres a lot of enemies it becomes really difficult to stun priority targets despite their size. One thing I would like is being able to manually target the first target for more reliable crowd control.


Maybe having it be a new pattern ? Like having it work not unlike the beam staff in Vt2 ? So you can aim at the 1st person and then it jump to the other

“ActHually there is the electricity shimmer showing up on the two targets you do the highest damage to” - Sadly in actual gameplay situations you barely ever see it, at least on my settings.

Is there such a mechanism?
I never noticed, I did notice the presence of electric light, but I just thought it was a hint of the distance you could reach.

That just tells you what the 2 primary targets will be. You can sorta kinda control it but it feels unreliable in hordes.