One Player Remaining, 2 shielded Stormvermin

Getting behind them doesn’t work…luring them to a ledge…well, they just follow you up the way you went so no climbing there unless you can use Handmaiden, Slayer or Zealot ult to get there. A bomb? Great, if you have one. Knocking them off a cliff might work but only works…if there’s a cliff.

Spamming light attacks doesn’t work because while you are hitting one the other will swing and interrupt your swings because you have to stop swinging to block.

It depends mostly on your weapon. You either can stagger them or you can’t.

Any active ability would also probably work.

There are some configs where you have literally no chance.

Is that OK with you?

Never happened to die to just 2, 3 or even 4 shielded stormvermin. So I don’t know.

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Which ones?

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Here is my opinion about shieldvermins.
It’s a quote from an other post.

Any 2H Sword, Shield + whatever (except axe), anything slow or poor armour penetration + Non shield piercing ranged weapon.

Pretty much most stuff. The Glaive, Axes, Falchion, Flail, and maybe 1H hammer/mace are the only things I wouldn’t expect a problem with.

Also as above.

Weapons that are weak against armor anyway.

Wish mods were available so people could opt out of having shield stormvermins in games.

Has there been any confirmation by the devs that crappy Skaven shields being absolutely indestructible is intended? It seems weird that every other shield breaks in a few blows, or even a single charged blow of a “shield breaking weapon”, yet those same weapons can hit a Storm Vermin shield a million times and still not dent it.

then build out of that config if you are concerned about stormvermin being your weakness? or use terrain to lure them up to a ledge so they jump up and are defenceless during climbing?

i don’t understand this argument. it’s like saying a sword and shield footknight has no chance 1v1 against a troll - no one person can loadout equipment to be able to handle all situations, that’s why you need a team.

shieldvermin shields have always been indestructible, i thought this was an obvious design implementation that doesn’t need confirmation


So you’re fine being the last man standing vs 2 shield vermin, with a “no chance” config where there is nothing you can do? Do you just accept the loss and stand there and let them kill you?

did u even read our replies? we gave you tangible tips on how to kill using slow weapon setups.

that’s ok, you can accept loss if you want, that’s not my style.

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It’s a co-op game for a reason. Every character can have their specialisation. If you’ll make any setup be able to handle any situation solo, this game will become too easy and boring.

my suggestion to you is to trick SV to do the climbing animation. while they are doing that they cannot use shield. so just stand near a ramp or something and let them climb up and down while u attack them, then you jump down and go back up and repeat.

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Which only work in very specific locations or situations.

Whereas I could just take a Glaive or a Falchion and LOL my way through everything.

Which leads to many many weapons being useless in Champion or above. Which leads to lame meta restrictions. Which leads to boring.

You’re cool with that though?


Well i already stated my opinion about shieldvermins.
To summ it up:
I thinks enemys with shields are a bit lazy implemented and not interresting to fight.
I have already been in situations were i had to fight three shieldvermin as last man standing.
I think the biggest problem you will face is not that they are so dangerous, but fighting them with some weapons will take ages.

i like how you enforce your belief in your posts, and then turn around and then say ‘you’re cool with that right?’ to insinuate that all other opinions are not as good, rofl. nice try, but honestly just makes u sound narrow minded.

vermintide is a game about experimentation and the joy in finding combinations of weapons traits and talents and playstyle that are effective when played with other people of differing skills and loadouts. every class i play can be kitted out to be effective in most roles.

you like the slower weapons that penetrate shields, sure, go ahead. hack away at that shield from the front (i bet you don’t even know you can manuever to it’s back while hitting it) but if you don’t know how to deal with shieldvermins after so much instruction and tips and prefer to talk about the ‘meta’, then sorry, you’re a noob, git gud. wouldn’t want to join your party with my SnD shade and then just get kicked because ‘it’s not the meta pyro/bh/ib’ haha.

btw, the devs have actually acknowledged that a double shieldvermin combo in the boss of ‘into the nest’ is really nasty, because there’s no terrain there that can help you with killing them if you’re the last man standing - they’ve changed it to regular stormvermin instead. for all other places, have fun exploiting them.

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Last time I tried that their block seemed to extend back there too. Last man standing vs. two of them means they aren’t going to stand still and let you get behind them.

Let’s not repeat ourselves here.

Well if the DEVS acknowledge it…but no no…it’s easy for you…everything is easy right? You’re one of those types. Nice chatting.


Pull out range weapon and shoot them until they leave their defensive stance
Abuse the local terrain heights, ie stairs,jumping from ledges or force them to climb. They are vulnerable in this state.
Use knockback ult like WHC FK or Merc. Shade HM WS have it easy with F too.

Simply git gud


I’ll disregard the “git gud” part and take away from the thread the “make them jump or climb” part.

Let’s see if I can get it to work next time I am the last man standing (which happens a lot so I guess things aren’t always as easy for everyone here as they make them out to be) and I face this situation.

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