70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included

Agree with almost anything and the stuff I don’t is minor, so I won’t bother writing something up. Good work and thanks for all the effort.

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will be a tradegy if fatshark dont read this. my only disagree with this list is i think deeds should reward cosmetics.

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I have no idea why I received this thread notification through email but I am so glad that I did.

I probably agree with everything written down except for the lowering legend difficulty part but it would really depend on how exactly.

Thank you so much for writing these posts down here and I really hope the Dev team can take the time to read it all and consider a lot of these aspects.

I like this game so much but there is certainly immense room for improvement, to be honest.

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Im sorry to say it, but its still not. If any mobs started an attack sequence they will follow, and hit you in stealth, and you wont be albe to run through them(with shade) while this lasts.

  • Its the most noticable on shielded stormvermin, which has a 4 attack chain combo, and they also block your stealth attacks 300degrees+,so its a suffering to hit them from behind even in stealth with a side slash attack.
  • Other honorable mentions:
    1, when a horde stacks up around you, and you get hit by 20+mobs at the same time while your ability is active, and stealth not helping at all, your character wont ignore unit collision while they are in their attack chain animation, and you cant block all attacks, so you literally spend 8 seconds downed while being invisible…
    2, this is my new favourite: when you shoot a gasrat, and it goes allahu akbar, and it runs at you from across the map, and followes you while you are already stealthed and trying to dodge…

And im not talking about bosses here just the more common mobs, they have other issues, ill mention only one for now: rat ogre has a ridicolously large knockback radius. Its okay on the front, but it also knocks you back from a spear range at its back, and even if it does it on a different level(for example Convocation sewers: if it does the knockback on a wooden platform in the sewers, you get knocked back under the platform in the water)

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You don’t think Fatshark have got a plan so you’ve drawn one up. As this is URGENT list you don’t think they’re going to change SEVENTY aspects of the game quick enough. You can’t see the irony of repeating and linking to various posts that the dev’s have seen from all over this forum including linking to the Community Suggestion Compendium.

In fact you have suggested a change to almost EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of this game, which is utterly bonkers to expect it to happen quickly, especially as you see things a URGENT.

I have faith, based upon Fatshark’s historical activity that they’ll continue to address all of the BUGS currently causing issues - then they’ll address BALANCE changes, then minor stuff like crafting, chests and cosmetics and whether you can break a SV shield.

What you have suggested is attacking the game with a battle axe to carve it up and make a new better game, whereas it needs a scalpel to fine-tune much of what is in game and working.


I agree with almoust everything. The only thing i don’t like, is the idear to make shields of Stormvermin breakable.

I think enemies with shields in generall need a few changes.
There is no reason to implement new enemy types, if you fight them the same way as all the already existing ones.
Right now you just smash their shield until it either breaks or the enemy gets staggered. Thats just boring in my opinion. Stormvermins are at least a little bit diffenrent, because you can score a hit from behind.
Making their shields breakable wouldn’t make any difference.

I think there are some other easy solutions, to make fighting them more interresting.

  1. Reduce their generall block angle.
  2. Reduce their block angle even futher when they are attacking. They should only be able to block attacks during their attack sequenz, if they come direclty from the front.

How would these changes improve fighting these enemys?
It would be easier to assist other players. You wouldn’t need to get directly behind the stormvermin (what is often impossible) to help them. Additionaly if you are able to realize, that an ally is under attack by a shieldvermin, you could take advantage of that and get some easy hits in on them. this would reward good awareness of the sorounding or good communication. Futhermore in situations where you have to face them alone, you could try to dodge their strikes to the side and get an attack in.
In my opinion this would make fighting them much more interresting and a bit unique.

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@valicious @tarek_hariri @Revy @Licious-D @Storeslem @kay3 @debito20091993 Thanks guys. Writing this I was afraid that I am doing some overcomplicated stuff, that no one’s gonna read this, but I am glad that this forum is full of people, that care about the game. And I am glad, that my work was met so nicely. Thanks again.

That’s my fault. I somehow messed up the line about adding another difficulty level. Thanks for noticing. I’ll make that part more clear.

They should, but:

I don’t play stealthed characters a lot, but I noticed that level bosses might sometimes ignore your stealth. When fighting Skarrik, I came close to him, and he made his AOE attack, though no one else was near.

Also i think Shade stops blocking for 1 second, when entering the shadow state despite the animation.

But overall it works fine imho.


Before any suggestions, good work for summonsing posts about problems of the game. Though i would prefer more of a “here is problem in two words and link to the post about this problem”
Now, 1st of all, most of your suggestions of fixing game, are, basically, adding/changing features, that most of them should be from the beginning.
2nd you prob bad at understanding how hard to implement new features, even though they should be in first place. Im saying it because in your “easy suggestions” features requires a lot of coding and designing(1.1, 1.2. 1.3(removing is easy, but if some crap would happen because of that, then there is gonna be ton of work clearing it), 1.4 and 1.9, 1.10, 1.12(maybe it’s intended, maybe not),1.13,1.15 (1 is stated for post) Imagine following. You’re hired to create a banner for company. You did it, it looks great, has everything that company requested, gives all information that needs to be given. Then, manager comes and says that you need to add more details, more features, more things. And you dont have time, manager desperatly wants it and you have to put it no matter what. Great example, search for “Company Hilariously Mocks Stupid Client Requests”
So, what do i mean by this? Easy change is changes of some numbers. Adding feature is never an easy thing. As well as fixing bugs, witch has higher priority over features(like skipping scene or seeing who’s talking). Gamebreaking bugs have higher priority.
Higher can only be resolving unintended gamebreaking features and balancing gamebase parts like drop rate, difficulty, heroes(only if other game-main-parts are stable and dev-desired meta is achived) and progression.
so if you’d ask me, fastest and easiest changes should be 1.5-1.8, 1.11, 1.14, 2.4, 2.12, 3.3, 3.6, 3.10, 5.3, 5.4
Then, about main problem of the game. I agree, end game is a cross-game-problem. Many games have it.
-Previously i’ve played Warframe, which only now, has a proper endgame content. Previously it had Raids(faild due to unexpirienced game-designer), pvp(failed due to totally non-pvp-friendly gameplay), open-world(failed due to not-dontstarvelike genre)randomized mods(failed due to still achiving to fast and losing interest in game after that) big-boss-fights(somewhat achived,especially since its easier to make bosses, than whole new high skill maps) and endless missions (like deeds in v2, but better reward and endless).-
I don’t say “do as WF did”, rather “watch and learn;be smart”. Relying on one end-game element is bad decision, but not at cost of doing two mediocre elements. Currently farm elite item is main endgame element, and i think FS needs to perfect it and then start to work at another one.
But about anything else, i mostly agree. Some changes not in right category, some need testing, some need dev’s vision, not ours.

TL;DR. Those are not fixes, mostly suggestions to add features, which any game should have. And while not having them hurts the game, they do not hurt gameplay as Bugs and poor design. i’d prefer devs firstly fix bugs and balance features to make playing it rewardful, while add some easy changes, Then, after steady meta and as little bugs as possible, add hard features.


Good job putting this all together @NikKotovski but I feel it might be a wasted effort.

If they manage to implement half of these (if they even consider working on them at all) in a year, then I’ll be shocked.

DLC seem to be in the works and they’ll not only slow down/stop any work on QOL changes and bugfixes, they’ll also introduce brand new bugs and problems.

Maybe,after all the DLC and “season pass” cycles are done and a year+ work is put into polishing it, VT2 won’t be a hot mess anymore. Fingers crossed people will still be playing/start returning by then.

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I don’t get it, they could double or triple the playerbase by qol updates alone. Now, when the playerbase is gone, who’s gonna buy their DLC?


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I’m reluctantly changing my steam review to negative for the time being for all these issues. Makes me sad.

Them working on certain add-on content for the game when the vanilla release feels like a pre-beta feels like a slap in the face. I would never have imagined a developer could collectively forget every lesson they learned from their original and virtually identical title.

It seems that you like programming analogies. If so, and if you’re a real programmer, you should know, that refactoring others code ALWAYS takes much time, than writing it down from scratch. I did indeed summons other posts, but:

It’s the opposite. Any programmer can add a feature he’s told to add without any problem. But tweaking game balance, finding those perfect numbers is the hardest part of any game. That’s why there is so many beautiful games nowadays, that don’t make it out of early access or die on release. Paragon, Fortnite PVE, Lawbreakes - just some titles I can remember offhand.

And fixing bugs is much harder, than adding features, primarily because it’s hard to find those bugs. Gamebreaking bugs should be fixed, but

And as for balancing, well:

Can not agree more.

One more thing: VT1 had a QoL mod, made by 2 people in their spare time. This mod addressed almost all of the paragraphs in my list. And now there is a studio, that can a) hire these guys together with their mod b) write their own version of it, which should be better and faster, since they have access to the source code. But you’re trying to protect them, telling that’s hard. Sounds far-fetched.

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They said on the dev stream that they pushed the DLC back because they want fix the issues with the base game first and also release the upcoming content update.


Cool. The problem is that it means (capslock on) they’ve been wasting their main resources on DLC up to this point, not on polishing the game (capslock off.). It’s great that one and a half months later they finally decided to work on their early access-state game, and not on some profit-making content. But somehow this doesn’t make me happy. Have any idea why?


How do you know when the decision to push the DLC back was made? How do you know that they devoted their main resources to getting the DLC ready?

Unless I have missed something, we both don’t know. What I know is that they have been pushing out patches almost every week since release (most of the time followed by 1 or 2 hotfixes), which in, in my book, counts as improving the game.


As someone who’ve tested shade multiple times I will say that stealth feels random if it work or not. As of the latest patch I’ve gotten hit multiple times while in stealth just running past an enemy. It’s very unreliable at this time, even Handmaidens level 25 talent work better than stealth atm.


Thats true :smiley:
And im not just testing her, i have 40h on shade and 140+on HM, both have issues with their ultimate.
The shade has the issues i mentioned in my previous comment, plus that potential assassination targets just run away (even chaos knights),and the HMs dash can stuck on unseen geometry and little rocks, roots, etc, which can and will result in unpleasant situations…

Just jump when dashing.

Atleast it’s better than Slayer who jumps on a slope and launches into space… :confused:

but thats funny at least :smiley:

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