What's great about Vermintide

I felt like Vermintide is getting rebuked a lot at the forum, and although a lot of remarks are well-deserved, it is good to remind ourselves from time to time the game is actually pretty good despite all that. So I tried creating a list of great things, that make Vermintide a good game.

  • Best 3D coop experience since L4D.

  • The styling is great. While the graphics is not perfect, the styling has a true Warhammer feeling. This one should be emphasized, because every aspect of styling fits, including, icons, sounds, enemies, characters, gear, visual tones and lots of different details, like clothing and ornametns.

  • The maps look very authentic and are all styled differently.

  • Special effects. Yes, they are not top notch, but still they don’t look artificial and help with immersion.

  • The music. The music really fits current actions.

  • Interesting plot and on-point narration.

  • All the characters feel different both gameplay wise and lore wise.

  • Enemy design. All the enemies feel different, even monks and savages. Bosses are cool and unique.

  • Smart gameplay mechanis, including tomes and grims. They are optional, they make the level harder as you progress and they promote cooperation.

  • Melee is very satisfying. You can feel all the hits, and the immersion is great.

  • Immersion. Everything mentioned above helps create a very deep immersion into the game.

Did I miss something?


Beating up enemies is A LOT of fun. Crushing in their heads, chopping bits off, baseball batting them across a room or corridor or just straight up incinerating a horde of fodder. The great sound design also helps as all the impact sounds are weighty and powerful.

The ragdolling can be a bit weird, like when some enemies die to attacks with no physics weight they kinda stand there and slowly crumple.

I agree the game is great but i don’t agree with all of your points to 100%.

  1. Thats true.

  2. Can’t say anything about this.

  3. There are some maps i really like (Athel Yenlui, Fort Brachsenbrücke, Into the Grain). But some maps just look really boring in my opinion. The whole city of Helmgart for example. If you look at real old towns from the medieval times, they look absolutely amazing! Helmgart on the other hand is just a big grey mess. I know it is a destroyed town, but many of the buildings look untuched. You never get the feeling, this might have been a beautiful place. No paintings on the walls, no gardens or parks, everything grey. At least the roofs could look a bit more red. I don’t know the lore of Helmgart, so maybe there is a reason why it looks the way it does. But 3 out of 13 levels take place in this town.

  4. Like them too

  5. I think the music is ok. I like the main theme, that you also get for example at the end of the Skittergate. Also the sad song you sometimes get in Thaal horn’s keep. The rest is ok.

  6. I agree mostly. The only complain i have, the special abillitys are often very similar.

  7. Well im a bit dissapointed how they implemented enemys with shields. You just smash them like all the other enemys till they are dead. They should be more difficult to stagger or break but easier to flank. Would make them different to fight and would allow more teamwork. I made a suggestion in an other post. 70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included

  8. Agree

  9. Absolutely agree

  10. I for my part don’t really get much immersion in this game.

  • Enemys spawn in sight.
  • One single special can disable a heroe who annihilated thousands of rats and several mighty bosses.
  • Many many little graphical issues. Like being able to see throug the map at several locations.
    For me the most immersiv moment is the Prologue.

I think you missed the teamplay aspect the game offers :slight_smile:

This is literally meant to be a complainless topic, yet some people… ahahahahaah :laughing: :+1:

Thanks, I’ll add that.

I guess i missed that :sweat_smile:
But you are right, you can’t always look at the bad sides of the game.
There are just so many things how you could improve it even further. Absolutely can’t wait for the mod support!

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Goes hand in hand with your immersion point but the game has a unique means of storytelling, same as V1. You get immersed and invested before you learn any of the plot and that deeply enriches the experience.

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