On the balance of the game and other personal views, it is hoped that the producer can see it

I come from China, these days are tired of FPS game craze swept the country, so I was fascinated by the Warhammer, love it, the liver more than 300 game time.

Although the warhammer classification also has shooting elements, personal feeling is still biased towards action games. The first perspective of the horror stimulus plus the close combat of cold weapons,It attracted many people here, but everyone only had three minutes of heat and did not stay on this warhammer for a long time.There are too few game characters ,Let five people plastic surgery, evolved into 15 people,And can be arbitrary match,Think of it. It’s a great pleasure to have a group of three dwarfs together.Many people play with friends,It’s really terrible that duplicate roles cannot be teamed up.:tired_face:

Every profession has too little active skills,It is boring to play with too much fun.It is better to have more active skills,For example, there is one more tracking skill that can’t be tracked, etc,Dwarf has one more skill to stun the mouse, etc.This way, the fun and skills of the game must increase a lot.Imagine the role of three or four skills in the active release is the hammer version of the “League of Legends”

Also, the current career balance of the game is unfair, and the talent tree is too easy to understand,Can’t make people think twice

The melee is too weak, each character’s remote career is too strong, and the survival rate is extremely high,The highest difficulty,I can use a remote job to output 15000,The close combat figures are too weak

I don’t speak English well, I don’t speak well, I can’t describe much,Please be considerate.

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