Old Store-Paid-Cosmetics, gone?

Dear co-players,

Does anyone know what happened to the “old cosmetics” that Hallowette used to sell? are they out of circulation ? For example, i remember that around in March, there was a Krieg Uniform with helmet, leather jacket and all. Is it gone forever ? Can i find it somewhere?

Thank you in advance.



It’s out of rotation currently, godda love that fomo shop. It might come back at one point but who knows.

Also we don’t have any krieg outfit in the game yet. the outfit you’re thinking off is a steel legion outfit :slight_smile:


Thanks, frosty,

yes. that might be. leather jacket with red skull on the back and Krieg…ish, anti-asphictiation mask+helm.

I think, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to keep them in circulation !! :angry:

(well, maybe its a pain in the butt for the uix guys to keep them on. I don’t know)


It’s not a Krieg uniform it’s a


yep tats fomo for you.

Imagine being so inept at monetization you kill the whales? Its embarrassing.


I feel sorry for the steel legion fans.
The amount of times ive heard people refer to that outfit being a krieg one must be painfull for them


real money cosmetics are on rotation too? geeez, is there any non rng part of game?


Only them, the penance cosmetics have been changed once, because of the hugely negative feedback regarding original penances being either unrealistic or impeding teamwork.
(I would still like to see a single psyker being able to deal a monstrosity 90% DMG with randoms)
You can still make the penances and still get the cosmetics, however. Some penances have been set to “private lobby only” to clarify.
The other free cosmetics are in a different shop and always available.

No need to get worked up. I am just a humble weekend player. Got no intention to offend fans but I couldn’t care less whose helm was that :rofl:

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The face you make

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