Old Fashioned Learning is impossible in normal play; other Warrior Priest challenges need a rework

Nice! I thought you couldn’t because the bots would jump or get outside the circle. But apparently, bots don’t matter :stuck_out_tongue: Good to know =) Thx for the video! =)

This is up for debate, for sure. But what I don’t like about this specific achievement is that it requires you to chese to get those numbers and an attack from a good enough angle to proc that “differently reasonable” number. I’ve done it by the way, but it’s been less engaging than other, harder achievements. Feed me sinner is a good example of a challenge requiring gameplay (it can be done with bots, btw. I unlocked the cata one going solo IB, but I died after the event ended, so I had to do it again with a friend).
Unsafe work enviroment, though, gets a special negative mention from me, and that’s because the challenge isn’t working as intended. The stagger part is a consequence of the changes to the killfeed that happened before drachenfels released, and that makes it awful. completing it required a dedicated cata+ team, multiple tries, cheese tactics, and we had to play it on recruit, which doesn’t fit neither my idea of fun nor of challenge.

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New to the forums, made an account just to post on this issue.

I have read everything I can read about this okri’s challenge, and I play on PlayStation 5. I imagine however the problem is the same on Xbox too…

I’m not convinced this is even possible on console…

Ok fine, we have to cheese it. I don’t like these kind of accomplishments that require playing the game unnaturally to achieve (like hesitating to defend allies because if they get downed you can score your instant shields on incapactiated allies for example), but I’m sure some people do, so whatever, this is never happening in normal play. I doubt you could realistically get more than maybe 10 enemies at once with the explosive radius of this thing…

However I’ve tried using the hyperdensity trick on Into the Nest with Deed manipulation on legend to try and get as many rats to spawn as I can, and although I don’t know the exact number, I know I couldn’t seem to get more than 40-45 rats on the screen at any 1 time…

This challenge is the unholiest of evils… I thought hitting a rat ogre with a bomb mid leap was bad, but it was at least possible… this… this is just sick…

Honestly, why it isn’t just cumulative through the levels is beyond me… I’m smashing rats in the face with a hammer and a book… surely me “educating” 60 rats period satifies the idea?

FS, I love your game… you guys hdbe made the best game I’ve played in years… but please fix this blight on the player base… I’d say console player base, but from what I’ve read, it sucks for everyone…

Definitely achievable on console. Just wait for Tzeech Twins as the weekly modifier.

Have the 8 second ultimate on Warrior Priest with a shield and a Mercenary running Executioner sword +50% cleave and concoction and repeater handgun w/ conservative shooter.

Start a Veteran difficulty weekly event with your friend, make your bots have no talents and all power level 5 gear (as weak as possible). Just run though the map only staggering enemies out of your way as you run as fast as possible. Once the bots die have the mercenary shoot all the armored enemies in the head to split them.

Ult Mercenary as he’s about to drink a potion with concoction, with the 5 seconds of 50% attack speed + the strength pot Mercenary should be killing ~20 enemies per swing and only take 3-4 swings for the 50 melee kills. This only works with all the armored enemies are already split as armored enemies stop the cleave action.

You get plenty of opportunities to shove enemies on top of one another and try for the tome and hammer 60 hits in a single attack. Once the achievements pop revive your bots and finish the level. Mercenary should have 1000+ kills easy.

I just did this challenge myself and boy is it a frustrating one.

Did it with bots on Into The Nest with a Deed(More Waves and no pickups)
Legend Difficulty.

Tried with and without the deed. Deed at least gives enough enemies.
About 10 tries I think it took.
Bots I had were Waystalker, Huntsman and Ranger Vet. WS and H die the quickest, but the Ranger Vet is the one you need to keep alive. Also he gives ammo and pots, so it was valuable with the deed I had.

  • First I had trouble getting the bots killed, while also timing that specials and hordes won’t spawn at the same time.

  • Then I couldn’t get 60 enemies close enough to hit with the hammer. Apparently I didn’t look at the video of someone doing it on that spot(after the switch at the beginning) closely.
    You need to be at the EXACT spot in the video for the slaves to start slotting into each other. Otherwise they just stand there and not even come to you. Although on some tries I got 60 of them just mulling around too and got the popup.

  • Worst part is getting map done after that. Since 2 of the bots are borderline useless. But you still need ranged support for every single far away Gas rat and Warpfire Thrower. Also Rattlers if they are far away.
    It’s also a problem to get Bardin to shoot at them, so for that he can’t be constantly staggering enemies away from him. He needs to be open.

  • The huge open room, where the Monster usually spawns is the worst part. 3 different map tries I got a Rat Ogre, but somehow got stuck with a horde and some STUPID ledges I couldn’t go over. WHY ARE THESE EVEN THERE ? There’s so many parts on wooden catwalks with some invisible f-ing ledge you can get stuck on. FU to whoever didn’t smooth those over.

  • On my final successul try I got a Stormfiend as I could sidestep him much easier than other bosses.
    Also I timed the boss encounter so it wouldn’t happen at the same time with a horde coming.
    Thankfully it’s very obvious on this map when the Boss will spawn, so I just stood ground at the top until it got quiet.

That challenge does not need any specific setting. Just play with the Hammer and Book and use the charged attack on hordes. Soon or later it will be done. At least it worked for me. (I did it at Righteous Stand in that building where the second grim is.)