Okri challenges revisited

Challenges like:
Saltzpyre’s Holy Warrior - (ally killing 50 enemies while bubbled)
Bardin’s Endrinkuli Song (40 second crankgun fire)
should really be toned down, most people don’t really play with dedicated group of people, european regions are also notoriously silent or for that matter present language barrier sometimes
former is really just “get lucky” while latter literally requires DLC just to complete it
yes I know their respective methods no need retell them, yes I know your usual cop out “This is CO-OP game”


For War Song I did Horn of Magnus. You can force a ton of gutter runners to appear doing the stash event, so you just run ammo hopper, scour the level for a purple pot (use decanter) and trigger it. Gutter runners die almost instantly to the crankgun and stagger on hit, and each one killed lets you shoot for 4 seconds for free. That plus the potion made it easy, still had tons of them left to shoot at and a chunk of bar after it popped up.

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thanks for reading

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In case of OE challenges I definitely agree. However devs have toned down the importance of Okri challenges on newer dlc careers, namely SotT and WP, by providing every cosmetics as soon as you buy it, except for an obviously less fancy portrait. Practically speaking nothing is locked behind the challenges but bragging rights and satisfaction, so I could enjoy newer challenges as pure challenges. I like devs’ new approach on the dlc challenges and I would like them to keep it.

Like I’ve said earlier though OE challenges are different because they are keeping the weapon skins, pictures, and the best OE portarit as hostages, which is why I felt them like obstacles that kept me from getting what I’ve paid for instead of challenges. I’d like to see those get toned down.

This can be done easy at the end of “Into the nest” with dual sword Shade bot and one purple potion. (on Veteran)