New challenges

I think Okri’s challenges are a great addition, but I’d like to see more! Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Kill 100 enemies with oil barrels
Kill 3 CW with barrels
Damage a lord with 3 barrels
Kill a patrol without anyone taking damage
Kill a lord without taking damage

Some class specific challenges;
Save a pinned teammate using Trueflight
Complete a level without being downed
Kill a boss with a ranged headshot


Do you want a ton of friendly fire resulting in wipes on Legend? Because this is how you get it… lol.

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Really? I do most of these playing with my buddy and 2 bots. Killing a couple of hordes with oil and CW’s with barrels is not exactly top tier difficult stuff, even on Legend.
Then again, the average PuG isn’t exactly… what’s the word I’m looking for…

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I’ve mostly seen people use barrels for trolling, or throw an oil barrel into a horde and cut off our escape when a leech decides to pop up a storm from a 2km away. I usually try and throw them away out of the map as soon as I see them lol. Too many bad experiences with barrels kek

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Well yeah, you’ll get people being assholes on purpose. That’s probably why I have an easy time. Buddies don’t f**k you over (most of the time), Bots just poke things with pointy metal utensils.

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