need feedback on trying legend challenges.

guys I need advice: im trying to do the feed me sinner challenge. I was doing the mission solo with bots, i stood in the ritual circle for the allotted 120 seconds whilst all the priestly boys blew up. and I still didn’t get the challenge completed. what is it im missing to make this challenge disappear? is there a new thing that stops you from completing it with bots?
finding a group to do it is even harder then doing it by myself with bots, and id be very disheartened to find out its officially unachieveable with bots.

There is a bubboe that is still kind of buggy.

It’s in the 2nd area in the ceiling with the boxes underneath it.

There’s 2 ways to do it.
1.) You need another person for this to work. Have your friend shoot the bubboe while you stand directly underneath it on the ground level! You need to jump up as it bursts or you won’t get hit by it.

2.) This one can be done solo. Stand on the edge of the boxes on the ramp. Jump up as you shoot or melee the bubboe.

Side note: you won’t always get an indicator showing you got hit by that one but if you do take damage then it did count.

Always jump in the green pool of each one to make sure you did get hit by every bubboe as most of them leave a green pool on the ground. The one buggy one will not leave a pool on the ground so you essentially have to “catch” it by jumping.

Hope this helps.

It probably wont help much, because Bubble is trying to do Feed me Sinner on Convocation of Decay. :grinning:


Hi thanks for your reply.

I am somewhat confused, what buboes? I havent seen any buboes in convo circle?

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I must admit i thought id missed something and went back looking for buboes lol.


SirKruber probably ate too many pumpkins today and misread your post, hes talking about the Blessed by the Father-challenge on Festering Ground.

About Feed me Sinner, here’s some information that might be useful.


To be fair, that will be very difficult with bots. As of now, convo finale is far harder than it was before and you’ll mostly need a good comp (or very solid bots)

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I am so sorry! I sometimes get the challenges missed up and thought Feed Me Sinner was the Festering Ground challenge.

For the Convocation of Decay challenge, I don’t think the timer is accurate and you just need to stand in it until the achievement pops in your chat box.

Bots do not affect the challenge progress.

If, for whatever reason, it does not work again, send in a support ticket HERE.

Sometimes challenges break after new patches. The Festering Ground one has been broken a long time but it’s still achieveable.

When Winds of Magic released, none of the Cata Helmgart challenges worked but were mostly fixed.

Sorry for the confusion. After working 80hrs and not sleeping much, my brain does not want to work.

For the record, I got all of my Legend Helmgart challenges done solo with bots so it should still work. I have no idea if it was changed but bots are not supposed to hinder challenge progress.

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