Ogryns players and NPC

After a lot of hours i would like to feel that the Ogryns are actually the strongest. And it doesnt require much, but a feature that allow them to grab ennemies and throw them whereever they want. Including npc.

Making bull charge doing damages to poxwalkers and groaners and also registrating the dodges as impacting them to a certain degree.

I think its lorefriendly, even lore accurate. Can be implemented in a lot of ways regarding perks on curios or on some weapons as blessings.

It would also increase the fun of the game: Two ogryns playing catch, or an ogryn and a zealot playing base ball…etc etc.

In some regards, its personnal, but i think it would also improve the gameplay if somehow the levels could be damaged by the fights. In regard of Battlefield experience, it is enjoyable to actually see the toll of fighting on the surroundings: a pillar goes down on mobs, chunk of concret flies off, bridges or passage way could fall, without ofc, impacting the mobility of the players too much.

I noticed also that the flames coming from barrels that players triggered, do some damages but not as flamers or bomber flamers. Its a cool feature, but in some ways it triggers me.

An other thing that id like to see implemented in the game but probably will never happen, is the dismemberment of players when dying. Imo w40k is an unforgivable and gruesome place. It is weird that when someone get executed by a sniper, his head dont actually pop…or when a player is being in a middle of explosions and dies, his body doesnt cover the walls with the smoke left.
Ppl will argue that u get caught and not die. But there is written “casuality” . And lines of dialogue assumes they are dead. This lack of coherency break the immersion of the game. So imo the player ragdoll should be treated as any other ragdoll concerning death experience.

I would also say that a small degree of Friendly Fire added to the gameplay besides the barrils. Would be beneficial for the whole experience regarding teamplay. it is very difficult since if a zealot rushes as he might probably do, and lands in the zone where all the ogryn grenades also are…well.
I have not wrapped my mind on this.

But for the rest, it seems to me, doable and profitable to the whole game.

you’re bouncing between requests its not entirely clear to me what you mean at what point.

would be cool but, moving parts in a video game have to be calculated, to let it look like real destruction it easily becomes the most taxing calculation for both CPU and GPU in many games, and to top it off often requires a game engine that supports that sort of thing.

so sadly i think to see this kind of feature is almost zero.

  • tho i would welcome more set-pieces like the barrels that can be interacted with,
    have a puddle of water on the ground with a random cable in it, where we can switch on electricity to block a pathway, more variety in environmental hazards would be cool.

i always liked the sync kills in Dawn of war 1, and while they wouldn’t make sense in fast paced combat i could see them as player death animations, where once you reach a certain amount or less HP (while laying on the ground) an enemy would start moving up to you, and once he reaches finish off the player in a brutal “chaos” fashion.
would give the game alot of character alone, and make it more special.

snipers don’t aim for heads that’s just hollywood and gaming myth.

doesn’t really work with the game mechanics, as when you lose all your hp you would be down and an ally could pick you up, and i don’t think people want to be instakilled by teammates barrels all the time.

friendly fire is this weird conundrum, on the one hand i think its absolutely necessary in V2, yet in DT i feel like it wouldn’t work all that well.
would potentially antagonize vets even more, or maybe im overthinking it and it would archieve the same dynamic as in v2.