Ogryn Viability on Heresy/Damnation (Shield meta)

Ogryn feels very bad to play on higher difficulties if you are not running the shield. Enemy gunners eat him up for breakfast.

I propose changing his passive from 20% damage reduction from melee/ranged, to just 40% damage reduction from ranged specifically. I feel this will make him feel a lot better to play on higher difficulties and allow more weapon viability to exist for him.

An additional positive change would be allowing the Ogryn to complete the data-interrogator puzzle while taking damage, and be able to carry the power-cell while taking damage, similar to how he can revive teammates while under attack. It would help cement his place as the support character, and provide objective-based benefits for running him (such as being able to move powercells quickly) in more game-modes, making it less situational.

I dont use shield normally on t5, and t4. Even you are wieling shield, shooters ll break your shield. Spreading shooters shoot your side whn u r approaching.

Planting shield normally doesn’t help your team. Shooting GG or Rumbler is more helpful.

If you are regular t4 or t5 player, just shoot more. Charge less. Zealot is better charger all times, because of mobility, and their size.

I dont think plain damage reduction is funny, and encourage skillful play too.

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