Ogryn traits

So, one of the inherent traits is “excessive force” for ogryn which boosts there melee stagger… but why is that even a thing when ogryn already use there own unique weapons. Why not just boost the inherent value of stagger on the weapons and use that slot for something more useful like making it so that ogryn have to have broken toughness before taking health damage. I find pretty often as an ogryn that while I’m busy protecting my team I’m sitting on like 10hp, and I have toughness and toughness regen for days, but I get downed by a single hit from a rank and file enemy that spawned behind me while defending my team. The trait honestly just feels like a nerf to ogryn stagger since I’m assuming it stacks additively with other stagger bonuses making adding other stagger bonuses less potent.


I think this trait, and others like it, will be more noticeable when they add additional subclasses for the careers.
That’s its own problem, of course- if the game launches with only one subclass per career, any subsequently introduced ones will see a decent subset of players focusing on the things they don’t do as well as the launch class, with the result that they’ll read as ‘weak.’ To whit, because Veteran = Sharpshooter right now, if they add a Sergeant or something that’s got more melee or support focus, there’s going to be some shock from the people who expect Veteran to come with boatloads of ammo, for example.
I think even having 2 classes per career would have been enough to avoid this, and by the end of Early Access, that may even be the case.

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Biggest thing it applies to that would otherwise be universal is shoving. And ogryn shove is very noticeably stronger. Similar for explosives. Ogryn explosives noticeably knock down enemies even on the outer limits of their radius while others like veteran only stagger.

Not saying I disagree, just pointing out why it might be a trait. (And as mentioned, for future subclasses, such as a future gungryn over the current tanky boi)

Gungryn better get at least a few more guns, the current ogryn ranged arsenal leaves a lot to be desired

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Basically two shotguns (of which one is actually abysmal, but it can throw over enemies), two grenade launchers (why? well you can also punch with one apparently) and a machine gun that becomes inaccurate after 10 meters.

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Some traits just make no sense. I got a single shot weapon the other day that gives me increased crit chance the longer I keep firing it. Its a grenade launcher, it only shoots 1 at a time…


The weapon blessings often appear on weapons they don’t work on, atm.
Same for “continuous fire” on staves, or “+3% crit chance for every empty chamber” on a magazine-fed weapon. I’d say those are bugs.
As for the original question, I asked myself the same for a second, but, as others have said, there will be other sub-classes, and whatever we get for Ogryn will not have the stagger bonus. I could see it still having either toughness or the revive bonus, anyways - it’s an Ogryn, other subclasses won’t change that.
Oh, btw, it’s actually 3 shotguns atm. The ripper has two variations that are too similar for me to remember which one is which. I think the mk5 has less scatter?

Inaccurish. You can still kill snipers at 30-40m. It just might take 10-15 bullets instead of 1-5. It also will penetrate through hordes better than other options and has a reasonable ammo economy. Obviously there’s better anti-range weapons, but this one is not bad enough to complain about its accuracy like it can’t be burst fired to hit snipers.

You don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to fire more bullets!

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Fair enough. Sounds like the ogryn way of thinking. XD

Ripper has THREE variations! That’s as many as we can reliably count, anyways, but there’s a “standard” model, one with a tighter choke for targets that you couldn’t also just have stabbed, and one that sprays shot out the sides of the barrel for when you meant to melee, but had the wrong weapon out.

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