Ogryn melee weapon hitboxes seems a bit wonky

Disclaimer, I maxed the height of my Ogryn, dunno if it has something to do with it.

As per the title of the post, Ogryn melee weapons hitboxes seem a bit wonky while trying to go for headshots. Putting the crosshair directly on the head of the mobs does not reliably land a headshot, even with weapons with vertical slashes like some of the cleavers. Horizontal movements are even more frustrating, since they rarely land a headshot. Poke movements like some of the cleavers have seem to land them consistently

Curiously, the only way I’ve found to have some semblance of constancy to land headshots is to aim waaay above the head of the enemies, about 1 to 2 cm (roughly 1/2 to 1 inches). This seems completely counterintuitive and something that did not happen in Vermintide (I know, I know, different games and all that jazz, but I mean, the game still can serve as a comparison, right?).

Has anyone noticed something similar? It is somewhat of an issue since Ogryn does “little” damage to some of the tougher mobs and landing headshots is something very welcome to up your damage.

I will post this also on the bug section just in case it’s some weird mechanic/bug that needs to be adjusted, forgive me about the double post.

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It’s not an Ogryn or a Darktide thing, it’s been the case since Vermintide: the crosshair is not precisely where your character aims, they have a dynamic moveset, and you can estimate where each attack will hit relative to the crosshair. Using the actual character weapon model for aiming works just fine. You can even adjust your strikes by moving the camera during the attack, and you can gain more cleave by sweeping your aim sideways (assuming your weapon has the cleave numbers to hit the extra targets).

I’m wondering if you used different weapons from me. For me, almost no melee weapon ever struck precisely into the crosshair, I had to learn the movesets.


Sometimes it’s a matter of distance from the target for the weapon to pass directly where your crosshairs are, but other than that I agree with your post. That’s just Tides.

I can see what you mean especially if there’s diagonal slashes but, if you have a horizontal slash, like with Vermintide 2 Krubber’s great hammer, I’m of the opinion I shouldn’t have to aim way high, where the model of the weapon barely or even does not to connect with the model of the enemy.

If I want to get a headshot, right now, with ogryn’s sweeping weapons, I really need to barely clip the head model to land them. That does not happen in Vermintide.

Ogryn as a whole seems to be off.
It is very tall but it runs the same speed as the lil humans.
You have to stand on top of items to pick them up.
All your actions feel very slow.

Oh that’s fair, it could use some polish. FYI the character height you chose factors into it too, which is a pain, especially to balance.
To me, it was pretty intuitive that my Ogryn does a chest-high slash (lash-out) like you would IRL, so you have to look straight - which would be a good deal above enemies’ heads - so you can sweep them all. At least that was the case for my character, but due to the minor, but functional height differences, it gets wonky.

I reported these unbearable bugs that Skullbreaker can’t break skull properly for my Ogryn brothers.

But after this report, I have noticed that Zealot’s combat axe has same problem to land headshots, from comment of that post, and the fact I’ve found. I bet it’s overall common thing in this game.