Please make halberd/spear thrust headshots register from aiming AT the target's head, not two feet above it

Title kind of says it all. Aiming anywhere near a target’s head with the thrust attacks from kerillian’s spear and kruber’s halberd does not register as a headshot. Getting it to register requires aiming clear above the target’s head and making your thrust visibly miss.
Example: this is not a headshot, despite aiming at the center of the target’s head and the spear visibly going through it

Neither is this

This is how high you have to aim to actually get a headshot. Note the spear visibly misses the target by a good foot.

Kruber has the same problem, again despite his weapon visibly going through the target’s head.

Seems kind of ridiculous to put the weapon through an enemy’s face and have the game call it a body hit, while attacking the empty air above the enemy’s head gets you “headshots”.


While I’m not certain, I believe the issue is that since you’re thrusting upwards, you may hit the hitbox of the body first, and thus counting the hit as a body shot. If that’s the case, I’m not sure what the realistic approach to fix this would be, other than moving the head hitbox forward.

Why is the head hitbox so high tho?

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