Kerillian Spear headshots

Spear is awkward to get headshots with, and constantly hits parts of the body it doesn’t look like the tip of the Spear isn’t even close to. For a Weapon with low Elite damage, compared to alternatives, where you rely on the pokes, it makes it very frustrating.

On lower difficulties it isn’t as noticeable because you have the time to make sure your Crosshair is in the correct place for the headshot. E.g. :blush: above the head on some attacks :blush:

On harder difficulties it starts to become annoying, and makes the weapon difficult to get the max potential out of, and forces a particular playstyle (Mainstay Push-Attack combo spam, or smiter). It even feels frustrating on Shade with Exquisite Huntress.

I’m pretty sure there was a Patch Notes a while back about making the attacks line up with the Crosshair, but it didn’t seem to happen.


For testing you can try hitting Marauders and Chaos Warriors in the head by just aiming the Crosshair at their heads. You end up killing them with body shots instead. :clown_face:

Then switch to Spear and Shield and try to do the same. You’ll hit almost every headshot.

With Spear and Shield being so accurate, this problem doesn’t make much sense. It almost feels like something has gone wrong with where the Weapon is visually compared to where the actual attack happens.

Do let me know if there’s other Weapons/Attacks which have this issue too, and I’ll add them to the main post.

Suggested by others (untested by me):

  • 2H Hammer: Light 3
  • Rapier: H3 (learnable imo)
  • Elf Greatsword: all Lights (this is debateable as to whether it’s intended to give headshots at all)
  • Sword and Shield: Push-Attack + H2
  • Tuskgor Spear: L1

2H hammer light 3, rapier heavy 1 and 2, elf greatsword lights, sword & shield push attack and heavy 2 are the first to come to my mind.

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Elf Spear, Human Spear, Rapier, 2h Sword (push attack), 2h Hammer (light 3)… And I’m forgetting something.

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Just Light 1?

Sorry, I had to specify it. I meant every stab attack.

Yes, elf spear should be more accurate and powerful

I disagree with Rapier.
Find it’s my highest headshot to kill ratio weapon in the game next to billhook.

Every weapon has a max range and attacks should line up with the crosshair at the max range, if you’re closer to the enemy aiming higher should help for headshots.

Poke/Jab heavies can be made easier by aiming above the head then dragging down during the attack animation. (hit/damage box lingers)

I will agree Kerillian spear feels a little more finicky than most other weapons though.


Yeah, I just tested it. The only one I could find issue with was H3, but it seems pretty learnable. Those are all suggestions from others, so I’ll make it clear that I haven’t tested those in the original post.

Compared to other Weapons it’s really strange. It’s almost at the point where headshots are a chance on hit with that Weapon. Like I suggested, if you test with Spear and then switch to Spear and Shield, the difference is huge.

This is the frustrating thing with these Weapons. Headshots become a weird game of “am I high enough above the head?” rather than just aiming for the head directly, and missing them because of it just feels silly.

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I´d upvote this twice if i could .c

I stopped using the spear entirely because this bugged me so much x)

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Elf Spear aiming is a bit odd because it tracks based on distance. Draw an imaginary line from the bottom right of the screen (where the spear is) to the center (where the crosshair is). Imagine the spear literally travels along that line when you stab. The closer you are to an enemy, the farther toward the bottom right the spear will hit. When you are at the spear’s max range, every hit will be centered on the crosshair.

It makes it a pain to use but I don’t mind, it’s kind of realistic.

Halberd is learnable and has 2 overhead attacks so not a big offender, but it’s hit marker for horizontal and stab attacks are awkward.